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80-gallon two stage air compressors are powerful machines that compress the pressurized air stored in their tank twice before it is used. 10HP 230V PMVSD Rotary Screw Air Compressor 39cfm w/ 80 Gal. This bundle with a low RPM large oil filter (reusable), and oil pressure gauge makes monitoring and maintenance simpler. 240 volts. There are quiet 80 gallon air compressors but they are hard to find. Installation can be troublesome for beginners, Pressure regulator not included in the package, High air flow, single stage – 14 CFM at 90 PSI, 155 PSI max pressure for optimum tool performance, Long-Life: durable cast iron construction, long-lasting extended pump life designed for over 15, 000 hours of trouble-free use, 5 HP Vertical Air Compressor dissipates intake noise, channels intake air, and offers a 25% reduced operating noise level, 16.1 CFM at 40 psi and 14.0 CFM at 90 psi with 4.7 RHP, Doesn’t provide additional value with the high price. Shop craftsman 80-gallon two stage corded electric vertical air compressor in the air compressors section of Lowes.com And the goal of this 80 gallon air compressor reviews is to share all their key features and corresponding benefits along with a buying guide to finish. Flexible Usage: The compressor comes with a start/stop switch for pressure control. High Air Flow: The huge tank with a strong motor delivers up to 155 PSI maximum airflow. For us, 15,000 hours is the standard when we want to buy the best 80 gallon air compressor. Mainly he is the owner of a tools garage with over 15 years of experience in the profession. The sight glass displays oil level along with easy to access oil fill making it convenient to refill in time. The ASME rated 80 gallon air tank can run multiple pneumatic tools and yet ensures safety. Moreover, it allows up to a maximum of 175 psi operating pressure, meeting all industrial demand from larger applications. or Best Offer. Outlet Fitting 3. Easy to Operate: The compressor features an on/off switch for its built-in tank pressure gauge giving the user more flexibility and ease in operation. Easy Monitoring: The three cylinder pump has easily accessible oil fill and a sight glass to maintain oil level effectively. Thanks to its two-stage pump. It can provide constant air for a longer time without burning out the engine. Powerful: One of the main reasons that this one made it to our list of best 80 gallon air compressor is having a powerful 5 HP motor that delivers 15.3CFM airflow at 100PSI. Long-Life: Durable cast iron construction, long-lasting extended pump life designed for over 15,000 hours of trouble-free use; Maximum Power and Flexibility: 100% continuous duty, 5 or 7.5 hp two-stage air compressor, 175 psig maximum operating pressure and an 80-gallon ASME receiver tank provide plenty of punch for the most demanding applications Pump Discharge Line 4. Unlike smaller air compressors, the larger ones will perform outstandingly even at high temperatures and able to cool between projects. Larger air compressors deliver maximum volume of compressed air hence the high PSI to allow several air tools to operate at the same time. The ESP10V080V1 by EMAX compressor is an 80-gallon air compressor that makes significantly low noise despite having a heavy-duty performance. 7.5 HP Electric 230-Volt, Single Phase Air Compressor, 80 Gal. The PSI level differs vehicle wise; you will find your vehicles’ required PSI listed on the sticker attached in your driver’s door. Overall this is the powerful air compressor. $3,000.00. If you have to restart the compressor now and then its life will decrease. vintage ingersoll rand reciprocating air compressor 80 gal good condition! Unique Cool-Tek Technology: The use of Cool-Tek technology extends pump service life by monitoring and reducing the operating temperature by 35% which is a benchmark in the industry. Your email address will not be published. Extensive Power: The low RPM (rotation per minute) motor can deliver 19 CFM airflow at 100 PSI, making it an extremely powerful compressor to tackle for large projects. It can ensure a compressed air supply at a maximum of 155 psi. Product Dimensions. 31.5 x 34.8 x 77 inches. … It is versatile, and the two-stage oil lubricated pump can run long hours with outstanding efficiency. Add to Cart Add to My List. The Campbell Hausfeld 80-gallon vertical air compressor (HS5180) is ideal for a small shop, automotive enthusiast or serious DIY user. Shop a large range of 80 gallon horizontal air compressor at MSC Industrial Supply. Aftercooler After Cooler This is where the potential value of a Puma really comes into play. It comes with all the features you need for working in a workshop. Are you frustrated that your portable air compressors can’t deliver a powerful punch to the air heavy tools? 10 HP 1-Phase Silent Air Electric Air Compressor with pressure lubricated pump, 80 Gal. Brands include Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Quincy, Sullair, Kobelco, Kaeser, and Gardner Denver! Strong and Long-lasting: Made of thermally stable material, the compressor is extra sturdy. FS Curtis CT Series 80-Gallon Air Compressor 5hp 230/1 17CFM @ 175 Baldor Motor. Emax Industrial plus Air Compressor. Compare to. Simple and Quiet Operation: This air compressor is specifically designated for smoother maintenance, and quieter operation with its precisely engineered overhung crankshaft part. However, 32 psi to 35 psi is recommended for passenger car tires. 8 gallon 2 HP 125 PSI Oil Lube Air Compressor. Barely used. Our team of DIY enthusiast has handpicked other top-rated products that can handle your demanding air tools without issues. High PSI air tools require powerful punches hence good CFM. Air Compressor, 80 Gallon Vertical Two Stage 14CFM 5HP 208-230V 1PH (Campbell Hausfeld HS5180), Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor, Industrial Air ILA4708065 80-Gallon Hi-Flo Single Stage Cast Iron Air Compressor, 2340N5-V 5hp 80 gal Two-Stage Compressor (230/3). 80 gallon air compressors are the reliable option in this case as opposed to 30 or 60 gallon portable models. For our second slot, we’ve picked … Extended Run Time: Its 14 CFM (@90 psi) rating will allow you to run demanding air tools for longer without interruptions. The weight of the best 80 gallon air compressor can vary around 450 to 650 lbs. Long Runtime: The huge tank of this compressor ensures a prolonged runtime. The Ultimate Power and Hand Tools buying guide, last updated on December 31, 2020 By William Aguinaldo Leave a Comment. This single stage compressor is simply designed and very easy to use. That said, there are few instances where a larger air compressor will serve your purpose particularly in handling heavy duty stuff. … Quite simply, it can work with 20 different high demand air tools. Rotary Screw Air Compressor 50HP [email protected] psi 230V/460V 3-Phase Energy savings. Product from world-leading US incorporated brand. I've had it for about ten years and it's worked fine for my shop. Finish your projects faster and easier with Campbell Hausfeld - The Air Power Expert, Two-stage compressors for continuous operation, Features a Powerful 240-Volt, 15-Amp Motor that Delivers 4.7-HP. Lastly, make sure that you’re sticking to your budget and needs while purchasing one from them. William is the Chief Editor at TheSprucetools.com. The three-cylinder, oil-lubricated cast iron pump features a one-piece cast iron crankcase, full cast iron cylinder body, Swedish stainless steel flex leaf valves, oil level sight glass, easily accessible oil fill, 12-inch cast iron balanced flywheel, and large intake filter/silencers. Local Pickup 7hp Husky 80 gallon 175 psi air compressor 230v. This reduces wear and tear and ensures continuous quiet operation. This quiet industrial air compressor has a 38 CFM rating at 100 Psi and runs by 10 HP motor. $1,755.00. These compressors also produce high CFM while maintaining proper pressure. You should verify that it exceeds the requirements of your industrial applications. Industrial Air IV5048055 Vertical 80 gallon Two Stage Cast Iron Industrial … The Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 retails with … I'll be putting a new air compressor in my new shop this spring. With enhanced power and added tank capacity you can rely on 80 gallon air compressors to fit 20 different air tools and finish your task efficiently in less time. Pneumatic Tank Drain Option 5. NorthStar Belt Drive Single-Stage Portable Air Compressor – 2 HP, 20-Gallon, Vertical, 5.0 CFM. Electric Vertical Two Stage Stationary Air Compressor 25CFM 7.5HP 208-230V 1PH (TF211201AJ) But that leaves us with the question, what is the best 80 gallon air compressor? The Ingersoll Rand 2340N5-V air compressor offers the most reliable performance during rigorous use that separates it from other models. Operates over 20 high-demand air tools for automotive spray painting, automotive sanding work, cutting sheet metal, grinding, making it ideal for a small shop, automotive enthusiast or serious DIY user, Fully enclosed metal belt guard for safe operation and two-stage pump for up to 12,000 hours of extended life. A large tank does that with perfection. Air Tank Assembly 2. Oil Lubricated Pump: The lubricated pump keeps the compressor from heating up ensuring added safety in high-pressure work. 5 HP Electric 230-Volt Single Phase Air Compressor. Moreover, it comes with a fully enclosed belt guard and drain valve making it safe to use in your home or small shop. The … 30 gallon 420cc Truck Bed Air Compressor EPA III. Powerful and Safe: Its exquisite dual voltage induction motor is extremely powerful to allow easy operation. single stage air compressor provides high air flow with has 14 SCFM at 90 PSI and 155 PSI max working pressure giving the user optimum tool performance. Schulz L-Series 20120HLV80BR-3 20-HP 120-Gallon 80 CFM Two-Stage Air Compressor. 5 HP Two-Stage Industrial Air Compressor provides reliability and performance for most applications and users including automotive service and body shops, fleet maintenance, machine shops, production and manufacturing lines, wood working shops, dry cleaners, car washes, general maintenance/repair shops and farms. Sturdy Design: It comes in a strong cast iron crankcase compliment the compact design. Prolonged Life Expectancy: The compressor is a solid cast iron crankcase which increases its reliability and ensures its life expectancy up to 50,000 hours. He is passionate about DIY Tools. Clearance. Integrated Control Panel: The control panel integrates tank and working pressure gauge, pressure relieves valve, airflow regulator and two quick connect outlets. Maximum PSI Rating: The 175 psi maximum pressure range of this air compressor will come in handy when pairing it with demanding factory tools. Compressor Tank Capacity (Gal. Its ASME-certified tank (200 max. $5,034.05. Because the air has a chance to cool down before it is used, 80 gallon 2 stage compressors have far less water build-up inside their tanks. Larger air compressors are usually noisy because they have to ensure heavy-duty performance. My current compressor is a two cylinder, single stage 5 Hp, 80 gallon model from Home Depot. Different brands can be good for different air compressors. Easy to Use System: This air compressor features a drain and valve element for quick oil changes. The Campbell Hausfeld 80-gallon, 7.5 hp, horizontal, two-stage air compressor (CE7006) is ideal for auto repair facilities and tire repair outlets. Powerful: The reciprocating compressor runs at 4.7 HP with its 240 Volt motor. Last Update On 2021-01-16 at 13:59 / Affiliate Link / Images From Amazon Product Advertising API. Powerful Motor: With All Season Select synthetic lubricant it’s powerful (5 HP) ODP motor is capable to handle industrial-grade jobs reliably with consistent air pressure. CFM (Cubic feet per minute) or Airflow refers to the capacity of an air compressor. That’s not the end though. First and foremost, you need to ensure that your 80 gallon air compressor is powerful enough to run multiple air tools simultaneously. This air compressor has a high air flow of 25 CFM at 90 PSI and a max PSI of 175 to power multiple, high-demand air tools. Ingersoll Rand Type 30 7.5-HP 80-Gallon Two-Stage Air Compressor (230V 3-Phase) Fully Packaged Model: 2475N7.5-230.3-FP 3% Buy This (8) © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 80 Gallon Air Compressor. 354 pounds. If you are looking for a long-lasting, coolest machine, the Emax ES05V080I1 is a top candidate for the best 80 gallon air compressor. So you need to ensure a good balance between these two. For us, the Campbell Hausfeldis the best brand for an 80 gallon air compressor. Electric Vertical Two Stage Stationary Air Compressor 25CFM 7.5HP 208-230V 1PH (TF211201AJ), 80 Gal. Horsepower. you are bidding on: 1- ingersoll rand reciprocating air compressor. Tank + Air Dryer. 10 HP 1-Phase 2-Stage Silent Air Electric Pressure Lube Air Compressor with 58 CFM Dryer Bundle, Type 30 Reciprocating 80-Gal. Heavy Duty Versatile Performance: With its 5HP, 230V motor, the compressor ensures a higher 14 CFM (@90 psi) airflow rating. Central Pneumatic. Quiet Operation: The 2-stage oil lubricated system also ensures oil reaches all critical parts including the pump at an RPM as low as 100. This gives users more control and flexibility in work. 80 gallon tank 7-1/5 hp general electric motor 5k284e31 220/440 3 phase 1735 rpms 10 hp wayne pump 64012h please feel free to ask questions! This two stage commercial grade 80 gallon air compressor is highly praised by automotive enthusiasts due to its durability to tackle any project with ease. Now he loves to research the DIY tools as well as share his experiences, opinion, commentary, to helps readers. Ingersoll Rand 2475F14G at $2099.00. Voltage. The 2-stage pump system of the compressor can deliver as much power as your air tools can demand. All of these increase scope for control and reduces system bottleneck. And because we use only high-quality brand-name components, we offer a full five year warranty, on all of our piston air compressors.. This high-flow, 80-gallon, single-stage Masterforce® air compressor delivers an impressive 14 CFM at 90 PSI. We test with too many air tools also gunsmith. Because you have Cool-Tek technology and other energy efficient features combined to make this a worthwhile investment for your money. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: [email protected] Next, you should not deny the convenience and noise factor too. $8,349.00 + $350.00 shipping . 5 HP Two-Stage Industrial Air Compressor at Tractor Supply Co. Great Customer Service. Call or Email Us: 888-882-4787 This air compressor operates on 230V household current and will run high-demand air tools such as air sanders and air grinders on a daily basis. Unique Cooling System: The radial fins coupled with a highly efficient cooper intercooler, and integral flywheel allow 360 degree cooling of cylinders. The lubrication also minimizes wear and tear and maximizing its life up to 12,000 hours. Need Help? Puma 80-Gallon Air Compressors. electric-powered. Large tanks are fitted with higher CFM ratings to perform longer in commercial grade operations. Depending on your tools requirements you have to decide on the particular size of air compressors to get the best outcome. The patented pump design provides for a cooler running pump. Unlike the industrial-grade 120 gallon tank, they are convenient for your garage and DIY skill to handle. You can use it for powering impacts, ratchets, hammers, spray guns, and so on. Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor. You can use it for years without major issues. The DEWALT 80 gallon single stage high-flow air compressor can easily handle the larger loads and also multiple pneumatic tools. $5,299.00 + $500.00 shipping . Normally an air compressor which is not oil-lubricated and gas-powered tends to be noisy. 30 gallon 420cc Truck Bed Air Compressor EPA III $ 1,349 99. 5 HP 1-Phase Silent Air Electric Air Compressor with Pressure Lubricated Pump, Industrial Series 80 Gal. Efficient 3 Cylinder Pump: Made of cast iron and lubricated with oil, the 3 cylinder pump along with a flex leaf valve control oil flow efficiently. Industrial Air ILA4708065 80 Gallon Compressor (Best Budget)This single stage air compressor is a … Buy new Air Compressors online today. The Industrial Air IV5048055 80-gallon air compressor is built with cast-iron, has a 2-stage cast-iron air compression pump and a large capacity tank. Do you hate when it loses air in between the projects? The cast iron crankcase, balanced flywheel, the aluminum head, automotive ball bearings, and the stainless steel reed valves all provide extra support to your compressor’s needs. Ideal for small workshops and home usage, the equipment ensures steady airflow making it one of the best 80 gallon air compressors for serious hobbyists. Local Pickup. Required fields are marked *. 3-Cylinder Single Stage Electric Air Compressor, Type 30 Reciprocating 80 Gal. 8 gallon 2 HP 125 PSI Oil Lube Air Compressor AIR COMPRESSOR FEATURES 80 Gal vertical 041612 kmd 80 Gallon vertiCal Compressor 2 staGe inDustrial (DOES NOT INCLUDE POWER CORD, POWER PLUG, PRESSURE REGULATOR) 1. So, without further delay, let’s jump right it! Each and every one of our piston air compressors is built to exacting standards, to provide years of dependable service, under demanding conditions. Oil-lubricated Inflator: If you want your compressor to work in high heat, nothing is better than oil-lubricated pumps. Whether you are a professional or your DIY involves heavy duty applications, there are predominantly two benefits of paying the extra price for an 80 gallon air compressor over the smaller one. Electric motors that run longer are usually more efficient. After going through the entire article we hope you find it very useful to determine what attributes the best 80 gallon air compressor comes with. ): 120 Gal. Industrial Air IV5048055. Your email address will not be published. This stationary style compressed air solution provides fast and high airflow for longer run time to meet industrial demands. The compressor features an oil-lubricated pump with three cast iron cylinders, a 1-piece cast iron crankcase, and 12 in cast iron flywheel. This lets you tackle any heavy-duty pneumatic tool with this air compressor comfortably. The three-cylinder pump and the belt guard ensures efficient cooling. You can handle any air tool as the equipment delivers 14 CFM at 90 psi. Save $749.01. 7.5 HP 1-Phase Silent Air Electric Air Compressor with Pressure Lubricated Pump, Industrial Plus 80 Gal. Two-Stage Compressor: It is a continuous duty air compressor. Machines that have low CFM but high horsepower tend to heat up quickly. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. A 5 HP motor would be good enough for most pneumatic tools to satisfy. These motors tend to last longer as well; a huge benefit of large tanks. Sturdy Build: The cast iron body and metal belt make this compressor sturdy yet safe. If you ask, we will lean towards the Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 80 gallon air compressor. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Then the best bet would be to switch for an 80 gallon air compressor. Great shop comp. Tank Inspection Openings 6. Cast Iron Body: Both the crankcase and cylinder of this equipment are made of cast iron making it highly durable. Product Overview Husky 80 Gal. An 80-gallon tank is a must if you want the capacity to do a full automotive paint job or to operate tools like sandblasters. 5 HP 230-Volt 3-Phase 2-Stage Silent Air Electric Air Compressor with 30 CFM Dryer Bundle, Industrial Plus 80 Gal. Buy Ingersoll Rand 80-gal. It also means reduced trouble from refilling air more frequently. Energy Efficient: With its head unloaders, in-built inter and after cooler, low RPM, large flywheel, and B-section belt drive this compressor is one of the most well-balanced energy-saving equipment. Thanks to high power and pressure level, larger air compressors can operate different industrial tools simultaneously saving you hassle and money. Two-stage Compressor: This feature allows the equipment to provide continuous air supply on a daily basis with no lag. Power Source. Campbell Hausfeld 80 Gal. With its huge capacity 80 gallon tank and maximum delivery at 155 PSI, this air compressor offers more air and excellent performance, which makes it ideal for longer run times while using your air tools such as impacts, ratchets, sanders and cutting tools. 7.5-HP 175 PSI 2-Stage Stationary Electric Air Compressor, Industrial Series 80 Gal. The pump also ensures the right amount of friction and delivers consistent air supply. 80 Gal. Safe to Use: The compressor meets the ASME specifications. Let’s discuss a few things that you should remember before buying an 80 gallon air compressor. This air compressor operates on 230V household current and will run high-demand air tools such as air sanders and air grinders on a daily basis. This single stage air compressor is a worthy product at a decent price. I'm using it for an HVLP conversion gun, some cabinet sandblasting and running my 5" Dynabrade air sanders. While talking about power, the next big thing is the motor. 2-Stage Stationary Electric Air Compressor, Industrial PLUS 80 Gal. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts). All Rights Reserved. And, it is possible with a high CFM rating. MSC Industrial supply is here to support all your metalworking and maintenance repair needs with over 1 million products in stock and ready to ship today! The Ingersoll Rand 80-gal. 5 HP Quiet Air Compressor, 1PH, 2-Stage, 80-Gallon, Vertical, EMAX Yellow, Industrial Series, Model... DeWalt DXCMLA4708065 80-Gallon Stationary Air Compressor, BelAire 218V 5 HP 80 Gallon 1-Phase Vertical 2 Stage Air Compressor, Power and Hand tools Buying Guide – Where to Buy. The Campbell Hausfeld 80-gallon vertical air compressor (HS5180) is ideal for a small shop, automotive enthusiast or serious DIY user. And the last thing you want would be to pay an extra penny to buy an air compressor that won’t last for years. The Husky 80 gallon compressor features a two-stage industrial pump with increased air output for industrial/commercial, auto body, and demanding agricultural use. This is one of the largest air compressors in the Emax series. international buyers. This 80 Gallon compressor is designed to tackle a wide variety of jobs, from sanding, painting a car to repairing an engine 230 Volt, 5-running HP, heavy-duty induction motor creates maximum pressure to operate a wider range of tools and maintain longer run times 175 Maximum PSI 15.6 CFM at 175 PSI 5 HP 1-Phase 2-Stage Silent Air Electric Pressure Lube Air Compressor with 30 CFM Dryer Bundle, Industrial Plus 80 Gal. 7.5 HP Air Compressor, Pressure Lubricated, 2 Stage, Single Phase, V4, 80 Gallon Tank, Vertical Industrial Plus with 30 CFM Dryer Package PP07V080V1PKG $ 3,575.00 Add to cart Added So, purchase considering at what hours and where you are going to work with it. This allows the compressor to run cooler during heavy industrial operations. With 4.7 HP it delivers 155 psi maximum pressure to help optimizing high pump tools. With a max operating pressure of 175 PSI it provides enough power to operate more than one air tool at a time. Features.

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