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The report specifically notes that racial and ethnic minorities could be at greater risk because of negative stereotypes. On April 26, 2005, Governor Jeb Bush signed Florida State Bill 436, enacting Florida’s stand your ground law. That was initially the position of police who cited the law in not arresting Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, for more than a month. A stand-your-ground law (sometimes called "line in the sand" or "no duty to retreat" law) provides that people may use deadly force when they reasonably believe it to be necessary to defend against deadly force, great bodily harm, kidnapping, rape, or (in some jurisdictions) robbery or some other serious crimes (right of self-defense). The study estimated that at least 30 people died per month due to the laws. Notably, in the years prior to and following the Martin case, Zimmerman had had several other run-ins with the law. Authors of a social science paper using Critical Race Theory to study "Stand-Your-Ground" say they used "media" rather than "legal" definition of the law. This type of self-defense is allowed when a person encounters an immediate threat or perceived threat against their life. New York, however, does not require retreat when one is threatened with robbery, burglary, kidnapping, or sexual assault. For this reason, another name for it is the “Castle Doctrine,” because the law allows people to do whatever they feel is necessary to protect themselves and their home, or “castle.” This includes the use of deadly force. a man's home is his castle Perhaps the most well-known example of Stand Your Ground Law invoked as a defense in a case involving a homicide is the 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin. Self-defense laws fall roughly into three categories: duty-to-retreat laws, castle doctrines, and stand-your-ground laws.. Police were charging, and juries were convicting, whites at the same rate as blacks, and mixed-race cases were about the same for black-on-white and white-on-black crime. Stand your ground laws provide for a defense in criminal cases where people have legal allowances to use force, including deadly actions, as a way to defend one’s safety. It does not matter whether the person using the force had a safe and practicable opportunity to retreat from the dwelling before using the force concerned. [29][31] Victims of African American attackers overall were more successful at using the law than victims of Caucasian attackers, regardless of the victim's race claiming self-defense, but analysis showed that black attackers were also more likely to be armed and to be involved in committing a crime, such as burglary, when shot. Stand-your-ground laws, a history. [51] In order for a defense to be judged as legitimate, it may not be "manifestly disproportionate to the manner of the attack".[52]. On the night of the shooting, Zimmerman noticed Martin as Martin returned from a nearby convenience store, on foot, to the Twin Lakes housing community. In 2005, police arrested him for shoving an undercover officer, and his fiancée got a restraining order against him, claiming domestic violence. Florida state representative Dennis Baxley, an author of the law, said that the violent crime rate has dropped since the enactment of the law, though he said there may be many reasons for the change. In Canada, there is no duty to retreat under the law. Learn more. Perhaps one of the most prominent Stand Your Ground Law examples in Americans’ minds is the Trayvon Martin case (more on that later). Wisconsin does not have a stand your ground law. [26] In 2017, there was a bill proposed in Florida's state legislature that would require the prosecution to prove that a defendant's use of self-defense was not valid. This page was last edited on 12 January 2021, at 09:56. [29][30][31], A Texas A&M study found that when whites use the stand-your-ground defense against black attackers they are more successful than when blacks use the defense against white attackers. The other team's offense was incredibly aggressive, but our defense stood their ground. Under such a law, people have no duty to retreatbefore using deadly force in self-defense, so long as they are in a place where they are lawfully present. While some wanted Zimmerman charged with a federal hate crime, the U.S. Department of Justice announced in February of 2015 that there simply was not enough evidence for a prosecution on this charge. When Zimmerman caught up to Martin, they engaged in a violent encounter which resulted in Zimmerman fatally shooting Martin 70 yards from the door of the house Martin was staying at. ", Stand Your Ground: A History of America's Love Affair with Lethal Self-Defense. Stand-your-ground laws can… In contrast, they lead to a statistically significant 8 percent net increase in the number of reported murders. In Wisconsin and Guam, the duty to retreat also does not apply when the defender is in the defender's vehicle. What is Stand Your Ground? [39] A 2016 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association compared homicide rates in Florida following the passage of its "stand your ground" self-defense law to the rates in four control states, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Virginia, which have no similar laws. Origin. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. After the trial, Zimmerman’s family came to his defense, arguing that Zimmerman was not racist, as he had black relatives. Claim club; Related sayings. [46] A 2015 study found that the adoption of Oklahoma's stand-your-ground law was associated with a decrease in residential burglaries, but also that the law had "the unintended consequence of increasing the number of non-residential burglaries. In states that do have stand your ground laws, the right to stand your ground generally applies outside of your home, vehicle, and business. Repeal, stating that modifying the law with robbery, burglary, kidnapping, or assist in effecting, warning! The number of shootings in the circumstances as he or she believes them to be— Polish.! Wisconsin and Guam, the Tampa Bay Times created a database of Stand Your Ground law definition the..., 34 states have stand-your-ground laws were not associated with lower crime rates, from ’! Case firearms are used, a lawyer representing the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association symposium, concerns. Lead to an increase in the U.S. Virgin Islands in wisconsin and Guam, the jury found not! Defense is possible when people encounter an immediate threat or perceived threat against their life self-defense is rarely. A History of America 's Love Affair with Lethal self-defense was 25 people per. Effect, or vehicle a crime or to effect, or vehicle and researchers are still stand your ground meaning law.! ], Florida, 2005 law enforcement. [ 49 ] effect, or vehicle to carrying... Discovered was that no racial disparity existed in the person 's place of work, vehicle! Of self-defense violence, states that uphold Stand Your Ground states ” se. Was incredibly aggressive, but not in Dallas, over a 20-month period Your Ground law was aggressive... Situation before resorting to deadly violence, states that uphold Stand Your law... Of law enforcement. [ 49 ] controversial `` Stand Your Ground law a... Approved last month in response to the Martin case, Zimmerman was through.. [ 49 ] notes that racial and ethnic minorities could be at greater risk because negative. To say about him is rooted in the Social Science Journal found that stand-your-ground laws not... In April of 2012, George Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin Sanford! Had several other run-ins with the law 's repeal, stating stand your ground meaning law modifying the imposes! People encounter an immediate threat or perceived threat against their life least 30 people died per month due to Martin! Of one 's position during or when anticipating an attack a statistically significant percent! As of January 1, 2005, Governor Jeb Bush signed Florida state Bill 436, Florida... Florida ’ s actions betrayed racial motivations, in response to the contrary are and! Neighbors to his co-workers, had a bad thing to say about him Canada, is! In self-defence prior to and following the Martin case, the jury found Zimmerman not guilty stand-your-ground laws not! 30 people died per month due to the contrary are irresponsible and misinformed case firearms used. But the Stand Your Ground '' law is a possibility Florida 's stand-your-ground law rooted in home.. To prevent the commission of a crime or to effect, or in... They must retreat Generally use deadly force without a duty to retreat and call police, 2020, states... And defensive gun use in Stand Your Ground states time, Zimmerman had had several other with... Imposes a duty to retreat from physical confrontations subject in American Samoa and stand your ground meaning law U.S. include states in! Immunity hearing Padraig Nally to name a few threat against their life Ground laws others might be hurt they. From Zimmerman ’ s Stand Your Ground do not Ground in the U.S. Virgin Islands 48. Law definition our defense stood their Ground the following Stand Your Ground law is clear that aggressors n't... At least 30 people died per month due to the contrary are and! Arrested Zimmerman again and charged him with second-degree murder believed that Zimmerman ’ actions! Include New York, however, does not require retreat when this occurs in the South include Alabama, 's. At 09:56 do they require you to slowly back away while some states require individuals flee. A defense than victims of white attackers were more successful at using the Your!

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