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Next, measure out the olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, almond oil and castor oil and melt together in your pot until they reach the same temperature as the lye solution (between 90 and 95 degrees F). This blog is where I share with you my struggles, my loves, the joys in my life, my crafts and hobbies, my quirky personality, recipes, and healthy natural options. This prevents the lye reacting with the sugars too much. Even though this is only a small amount of honey, this may make your mix just a little less thick, which was OK with me. Grind up the oatmeal in a spice grinder or food processor to the texture you desire. Immediately (and very carefully) ladle the melted soap to the silicone soap molds. We’d love to know how your soaps turned out – leave us a comment below! In the “Milk in Oil” method…you make a lye solution with equal parts lye and water. Well, on to the recipe. All my infused oils have turned out great for the salves I’ve made or using them as they are or mixing with other oils and essential oils. Before you decide on which plant material you are going to use, I recommend you do your research on the plants or herbs you want to use. 10 Ways Hemp Oil Can Make Your Life Healthier. If you have some bars left over, wrap them for friends and family – they make great gifts. When purchasing products through affiliate links, Earth to Jamie may receive a small commission which helps cover the cost of running this website. I purchased the rebatch goat's milk soap base from Bramble Berry. when you are finished grinding the oatmeal and cinnamon, you will have more than 1/4 cup, Only use 1/4 total cup of the oatmeal and cinnamon in your soap, Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any material without express and written permission from the author and/or owner of Earth to Jamie is strictly prohibited. I couldn't believe how silky smooth and rich and creamy this soap is and my hands felt nice, no drying. This is the first time I've made soap using a grated rebatch soap base. And of course, we added lavender, the swiss army knife of essential oils to not only make this soap smell amazing, but to lend its antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, benefits as well. I did decide to spice my soap up a bit instead of just making a straight Goat Milk Soap. 10. Add the powder to half of the water (6.75 oz) to create the base for the soap’s bottom layer. Soft, brownish, and scraped out with fingertips, it sat in old barrels. If using additional oatmeal, use about 1 tablespoon or so. And grind with a spice grinder until desired … or 4 (4 oz.) Step 4 – Weigh the liquid oils and add to the melted coconut oil. Chop the melt and pour soap into chunks and add the oats and lavender. I'm excited to get started with my blogging, living my life, and sharing some of my favorite things with you. About 18 hours later, remove the blanket and lid, leaving the soap to stand for a few hours longer. Natural Pet Grooming Products: Pets Need Pampering Too! I encourage you to do your own research and make your own decisions. 19 oz Coconut Oil. This recipe will yield: 2.5 lbs/1.13 kg. Earth to Jamie may provide selected products for sale or may include affiliate links within articles and posts. This soap uses fresh goat milk, local honey and is scented with lavender essential oil. Why Is Natural Bar Soap Safer Than Antibacterial Soap? Oatmeal Honey Soap – Ingredients. Make sure your work space and hands are clean. Unlike goat milk soap recipes, which use milk as all or part of the water percentage, oatmeal is free from worrisome safety precautions and sensitive calculations. Goat’s milk is packed with vitamins and compounds that rejuvenate the skin, perfectly complemented by the soothing properties of oatmeal, which can calm even angry, irritated complexions while sloughing away patches of dry skin. If you want a more smooth top (like how the sides and bottom of the soap will be from the mold) try putting a piece wax paper on the top to smooth it out, then remove it when the soap is hard. https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/goat-milk-soap-recipe-517229 I would grind them separately so you can get the cinnamon as fine as you want it. Nov 13, 2016 - Is there anything more classic than goat milk, oatmeal and honey soap? I hope I have some things I'm sharing that are of interest to you. Add the powder to half of the water (6.75 oz) to create the base for the soap’s bottom layer. Here’s what you’ll need: 1 lb. Goat Milk Soap Recipe - Stunningly Easy To Make It Yourself Lavender and Oats Goat Milk Soap Recipe . Goat milk soap recipes, with ground oatmeal, offer quaint country style, but homesteaders’ soap wasn’t fancy. 5 Natural Ways To Protect Your Skin In Wintertime, Natural Cold Process Kona Coffee Soap Recipe, Creamy and Calming Goat’s Milk Oatmeal Soap Recipe, Why People Love Natural Soap vs Commercial Soap, A Guide To Essential Oils For Soap Making, Unleash the Benefits of Aloe Vera Natural Soap, Goat’s Milk Citrus Twist Natural Soap and, An old blanket/large rag to insulate mold. https://www.soapqueen.com/.../goat-milk-oatmeal-cold-process-soap-tutorial AMFit Foam Roller Gentle and soothing, goat’s milk nourishes the skin while oatmeal exfoliates and cares for your skin. Homemade Goat's Milk, Oatmeal, Cinnamon and Honey Bar Soap, How to Make Homemade Cannabis Salve and CBD Oil, 1 tablespoon Honey (the kind you use on toast). 2. I am speaking on my own behalf from my own experiences. Microwave until melted. And the smell of honey and cinnamon is awesome. 7. When making soap, the oils, fats, liquids and lye should all be measured by weight instead of volume. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Cherry Almond Soap That Smells Like Heaven! Creamy and Calming Goat’s Milk Oatmeal Soap Recipe. Working with lye can be dangerous – please take care. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience with this wonderful Lavender and Oats Goat Milk Soap Recipe. I start with the measurements listed above, but when you are finished grinding the oatmeal and cinnamon, you will have more than 1/4 cup. Excerpts may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to and with appropriate and specific direction/links to the original content. This recipe yielded me six bars of soap using a rectangular soap mold. Add in the honey fragrance oil, which I also happen to buy from Bramble Berry, and completely stir to mix all ingredients. Leave oatmeal coarser for a more exfoliating feel or grind the oatmeal longer for a finer substance which will make a smoother soap. https://thenerdyfarmwife.com/milk-and-honey-soap-recipe-cold-or-hot-process Please note: Soap.Club receives a high volume of recipes from our members; we are unable to test every recipe so please use for guidance only. Keep the batch size small so the homemade products you use are fresh unless you're making gifts. It is okay if a slush forms, as long as it doesn’t freeze. DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional nor am I giving medical advice. Always use common sense and consult with a medical professional if you have any concerns regarding your health. Oatmeal, Honey & Cinnamon Goat's Milk Soap Recipe. Sprinkle the handful of oats on top of the soap and pad down slightly with a rubber spatula. You will need coconut oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil, castor oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, frozen goat’s milk, and lye. Goats Milk Soap Recipe With Lye Ingredients https://thenerdyfarmwife.com/oatmeal-honey-soap-recipe-palm-free-gluten-free It is a great acne fighter. This is a benefit to all soap makers because oatmeal can be added to any recipe. The store-bought facial cleansers are really rough on our skin. Earth to Jamie participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites, such as myself being the owner of this website, to make a referral commission. It has moisturizing properties and is known to calm itchy skin. Oatmeal, Goat’s Milk, and Honey Soap (~4lb batch) 26 oz Olive Oil. You can also leave it coarse for more exfoliation which is what I did. 1. In the meantime, measure out and melt th… I add a little at a time and completely stir each time to avoid any lumps.

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