Ether mining – mining Ethereum cryptocurrency at home

Ether mining – mining Ethereum cryptocurrency at home

The ethereum cryptocurrency is gaining interest in the circles of Internet users. After the overwhelming success of Bitcoin, many will not wait until the same prospective currency appears on the horizon, which can be bought more profitably, and soon sold more expensive. Ethereum fully complies with these requirements, and for earning on the jumps in its course it is not at all necessary to buy it – you can just get ether. Read about ether mining in more detail in this article.

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is open source and is produced by mining. At the same time, since the popularity of this young cryptocurrency has not yet reached the scale of his elder brother’s fame, ether mining can be carried out more efficiently, and this will not require super-powerful equipment.

So, ether mining, like cue mining, can be solo – that is, using one PC. And although the single production of esters is still relevant, the technical side of this process continues to improve, and the process itself becomes more complicated because the number of mined crypto signs is no longer small – after all, people have been actively mining it since 2015.

For mining, you can organize a mini-farm right at home: for this, you need a PC, a powerful video card (or several) and drivers (special programs). Next, after building this entire system, you should find a suitable pool – a community of miners like you. There are a lot of them today, and finding a suitable job will not be difficult. By launching the program, after some time you will begin to receive a reward in the form of the desired crypto signs.

Do not forget that during the mining process your equipment will overheat, and if it is not cooled, the video card can simply burn out, and then the extracted ethers will not even cover the costs. In general, ether mining is becoming more and more popular every day, many people prefer to earn cryptocurrency through the computing ability of their technology than buying it at an expensive price.

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