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Thankfully my Dad knew how to disconnect the gas fire and removed it to save the bird. Registered in England No. 28 October 2008 at 12:29PM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving 3 replies 2K views Ars Praefectus Registered: Sep 5, 2001. Then fill any gaps with mortar and remove existing protruding mortar before it sets. Shovel the mortar in to a small easy to carry bucket. The vent at the bottom allows a trickle of air up the chimney and out through the cowl. New central heating pipes to and from the new boiler (upstairs)pass through the old fireplace on their way to the old supply to the radiators and back, using the existing pipe work. This would help no end I believe. - As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through links. Cookies If it has been bricked up completely, you won’t have this clue. jobs, This opens a lot of other opportunities that you might otherwise not have had with a direct vent gas fireplace. My question is: “Is this right?”. They didn't need to be accurate down the the mm, but close enough that nothing would protrude when plastered. jobs, It helps to stop damp and prevent the air in there becoming stale. If you do this too, you'll need to make sure old mortar is removed. Terms and conditions Then tap from behind to ensure the new bricks were inline. Copyright © 2020 The Carpenter's Daughter, Dickies Womens/Ladies Corbett Leather Composite Toe Cap Safety Boot, 2 PAIRS x RED RUBBER PVC GLOVES - heavy duty safety gloves, builders, plumbers, gardening etc -FREE DELIVERY, Force 8 Half-Mask with PressToCheck P3 Filters (JSP BHT0A3-0L5-N00), BeeSwift (BEESQ) GENERAL PURPOSE GOGGLES CLEAR, Draper 31391 Hardwood Shafted Square Mouth Builders Shovel, Amtech G0230 Pointed Trowel with Soft Red Grip, 6-Inch, Yield: 1 bricked up fireplace hole in wall, « Food Photography & Video Essentials (DIY Style). Above, I'm scraping them off with a trowel. Bricked up window and weathered wall of an abandoned building. feedback, My opinion here is if it’s capped off at above then a lower vent skirting line 5”” is ok as long there is some airflow is ok, but as then previous person said upper and lower is better but you could add an additional vent in the bedroom skirting, Norfolk • Member since 16 Sep 2015 • We're going upwards here. Before you start: This is likely to be a messy job, so fold back the carpet or lay down lots of dustsheets to protect your furnishings. I earn a small commission when you buy through them at no extra cost to you. Richard Voaden Carpenter, Builder & Chimney Sweep, Lifton • Member since 12 Jan 2014 • This indent is also called the "frog". Basically air contains moisture and stagnant air combined with a drop in temperature will condensate inside chamber. I do have an photo of the bricked up chimney, Shrewsbury • Member since 7 Feb 2017 • What I've found since shring my projects is that things like mortar mix ratios are debetable. We have a vermont castings vent free (Radiance) gas stove which i placed in the family room fireplace (5' feet tall, 6 feet wide). However, if you still have a chimney breast, please read the notes as the method is different. feedback. I think it's likely to be brick - difficult to block up the hole in the first place with cement, surely - it would have slid out of the fireplace? 43 If I was lucky, I'd find a perfect match, but the chances are, you'll need to trim them. Then rest the batten on top and gently mallet down so it was inline again, horizontally. var _qevents = _qevents || [];

If there is a damper (a small door) where the chimney place enters the chimney, leave this in the open position so as not to restrict the ventilation. Reinstating A Fireplace – Roundup. I can see the pot is capped the same as the other but no vent. jobs, 72 Lay your first course of bricks to flow with the existing ones. The fireplace in our living room has been boarded over and bricked up behind. Mortar and cement burns, so if you get it on your skin or eyes, wash it off immediately. Opening up the fireplace. Use the batten again to hammer down the bricks and ensure they're all inline with the existing courses. In fact, this bungalow had a gas fire anyway. And I have a makeshift kneeling pad. Note, the batten is long enough to lay against the existing exposed bricks. Ventless Gas Fireplace Disadvantages: This is for the chimney to breath and prevent damp. The fireplace features gorgeous art deco grillwork. Hi, hard to say until you dig further! (If you can feel a breeze through the vent, the chimney should be in a functional condition) Chimneys on the roof; Fireplaces in similar neighbouring properties; The fireplace itself The room directly below (kitchen) has a chimney breast with a shelving/drawer unit built into it so I can't really see what they did to seal it, and the basement has an open fireplace. Newly purchased 100 year old house with two bricked up fireplaces. elem.src = (document.location.protocol == "https:" ? The vent at the bottom allows a trickle of air up the chimney and out through the cowl. jobs, People have their favourite recipes and even after following Tommy Walsh's mix in the past, others have disagreed. In some instances you may need to add metal pieces in to the mortar as you go to ensure it's structural sound. So I think it's important to talk about this in case it's not obvious. Any longer, then we wouldn't be able to get it in line with the old bricks. Or, a fireplace in center of the house is even possible. So I'm adding plenty of mortar (gobbo) in the notch to lay bricks during my next course. Pots been removed and... Hi there, Sign up to my FREE mailing list to know when my next post is LIVE! Now we're tapping again from the back. Here, I'm doing my final mortar "snots" removal. 105 We would like to have an opening made... © 2008-2020 MyBuilder Limited Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram, Your email address will not be published. Home » Renovations » How to Lay Bricks in a Fireplace Hole, October 23, 2019 by Vikkie Lee Leave a Comment. Poor thing, but I'll never forget it. So I held it against the bricks while resting on the old ones. I'm not blocking the air vent, the fireplace has been bricked up and my builder has drilled a hole through for an air vent but it needs a grille on it to cover the hole and finish off the wall. An outside air source is a vent … My Dad informed me we didn't have to as we're laying the bricks in a "running bond" fashion. To find this opening, remove the airbrick or ventilation vent, or take out two bricks about 30cm above the floor. We have recently removed wallpaper and a board to find one of the fireplaces crudely bricked up. Then add plenty of "gobbo" (aka a big dollop of mortar) to fit in to the sides. I don't the chimneys are capped at the top. This is because when it sets, you won't want any protrusions for when it gets plastered. elem.type = "text/javascript"; var elem = document.createElement('script'); I say helping; it's more that my Dad is teaching me and I'm totally up for the ride! Keep repeating until you get to your top layer. Here's how I had to lay bricks to cover up the old fireplace hole after knocking out the chimney and chimney breast. And that the bricks were keyed in to the remaining frame (as in adding brickes the notches) so when we lay bricks, they matched with the rest. But you'll need more energy to mix in batches. A string of seasonal lights is a good way for you to draw the eye from the brick fireplace up to the display on the mantel. My question is can I remove it , and block it up ?. Old fireplace bricked up ready for plastering. Use the batten to straighten the bricks from the side and front. I just need to fast forward briefly to how I cut down the bricks. Disclaimer: Sometimes the brick would completely break, but it's not like our brick supply was low. If your chimney also has an arch, add plenty of mortar and smaller bricks to fill the gap. We'll remove the "snots" later. Save Comp. But it makes life so much easier. And some string as a plumbline. We had so many left over from demoliting the chimney breast, so we recycled them. Then squeezed in narrow bits of bricks. Also, you may need to cut some of the bricks, which I used a hammer to break some up. If you haven't seen my safety warning above, the please don't work with mortar unless you're wearing safety gear. Similar Photos See All. qacct:"p-hagkHaprLjJS5" It will also set overnight, depending on the temperature, so you don't need to work super quick. The damp patches are appearing on the 3rd floor which is why I want to vent it. Bricked up fireplace - vent question? West Midlands • Member since 25 Feb 2014 • It helps to stop damp and prevent the air in there becoming stale. You'll absolutely need to wear goggles for this as brick chips will fly everywhere. And add some more gobbo. 1. The products of combustion include water vapor and carbon monoxide. Others will point out that you’re also openly burning gas when you turn on your stove, and people aren’t exactly showing up in the news condemning the use of gas stove and oven ranges. There are no holes needed in the wall, nor any other renovations or building needed within the home. The idea is to keeps birds and pests out of the chimney while stopping rain coming in. Anyway the immeadiate question is the air vent /brick that is installed in the room. Then went over the entire bricks and filled any gaps with more mortar where needed.

_qevents.push({ 99% positive Required fields are marked *. This is too cute! So, really, it's been a lot of effort to make room for one of two more kitchen units and worktop space. Lay your first bed of mortar. A cowl on the chimney to prevent rain … I peeked up inside with a flashlight, it looks to be blocked with some wood at about kitchen floor level. Then the chimney breast itself. For the last three weeks, I've been documenting on YouTube how we've been helping my parents renovate their latest bungalow project. Examine the chimney breast If the chimney has been blocked up correctly, there will be a vent in the wall just above the skirting board. If your style leans toward the casual side, then you will love this shiplap and white brick fireplace idea. Posts: 5200. This is the main culprit at making it cold , you can feel the very cold air streaming through even when the vent is supposedly "closed". It's very important you fill the brick' hole along the top with mortar. Keep digging, please. Then continue to lay bricks as usual. Above, I'm wearing steel toe cap boots, rubber gloves, goggles and a mask. So I'd find a new one and take another crack at it. Burns a blue flame, and radiates a lot of heat. So I started (above) by sweeping away as much debris as I could. We'll be slotting them in like a game of Tetris later. The new heating system, powered by coal and later oil, needed a flue to vent the byproducts of combustion. Here are 16 stylish ways to decorate a non-functioning fireplace. The easiest solution was to punch a hole in the brick hearth (fireplace floor) nearest the furnace or boiler, route a metal duct through the flue, and brick up the mouth of the affected fireplace. I've been taking out tactical bits of plaster to see where/if there's some sort of support beam - but there doesn't appear to be one. Now the question I had is in the front bedroom there is no vent. We just had an old ground floor back boiler taken out and the fireplace bricked up. You can watch the full indepth video with talk through here: As you get to the top, it will get tighter. As in our case, it's a single bricked wall. Make sure you add mortar again on the sides as you go. See my video or notes to see how I do it. Agree with a few here. First, I'd like to point out that I am not a professional and you should always do your own research depending on your situation. We'd like to open this out, and box it in (with suitable vent to the chimney) so we can use it for a wine rack (!). See if you can remove it and look inside with a torch to get an idea of how deep it is. If you need to do an array of home improvements in your house, then here's a few you I've had to do too that you might find useful. However, if you still have a chimney breast, please read the notes as the method is different. Too short, then we can't hold it against the existing bricks. See above for reference. Restoring bricked up fireplace setups to their former glory without doubt puts charm & character back into the room. Before starting to brick up the fireplace or fitting the ventilation cowl, have the chimney swept one last time to remove as much soot as possible and dislodge any bird nests or other debris. In some cases, the fireplace flue gets sealed up and the firebox becomes purely decorative. Some facing downwards. }); As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Adding to the fireplace's charm … jobs, Because there is no airflow to the outdoors, they do not create the negative pressure problems that can occur … So for the half bricks we needed, I would find one to the closest size I needed. One way to improve air flow is to install an outside air source. Normally, a bricklayer would use a spirit level to ensure they're straight. Answered 11th Jun 2019 Liked 21 ... Roofer has removed chimney pots and said no ventilation is required if fireplace is bricked up? 05272398. It’s a good question and some people would say they’re not. I probably added about 500ml. 136 However, if you still have a chimney breast and chimney, it's advised to leave a vent. feedback. This "plenty" is called "gobbo". Also, make sure your hole isn't perfectly straight as you'll need to tie the bricks in for stability. Then leave overnight to set. Ideally in a disused chimney there should be a small vent at the bottom and the top should have a redundant cowl fitted. 100% positive Here’s how the project looked in my head: Crack open the cast iron grate, and pry it off the brick. You might be thinking if all these dangerous gases are being pushed into my home, how is it that vent-free fireplaces are safe at all for residential use? If your fireplace was covered up properly, a vent should have been placed in the chimney breast to prevent damp. This work absolutely must be carried out under building control for very … But I can't stress enough that you should have a cap or net covering the top of the chimney. elem.async = true; Make sure you add mortar to each side of your brick as you go and with plenty along the sides of the hole. Source: Technically no, you don't need a cement mixer. I live in an 1901 terrace so the chimney breast continues up through the top bedroom on the 3rd floor.

(function() { Often I've just mixed in wheel barrow and mixed with a shovel. 14. We kept the flue open for the first 30 or so hours of use, no odors what-so-ever. Clues are: An obvious chimneybreast (a protrusion in the centre area of a wall) Air bricks/ ventilation covers. It had an open flame gas fire in it previously (with a nasty brick fireplace!). Both points of view are valid and mi… That, and the cast iron monstrosity that plugged up the fireplace was pretty ugly! . Opening up a bricked up fireplace isn’t as scary as it sounds – in fact, it’s fairly straightforward. Once fireplaces were no longer necessary to heat houses after steam, gas, and electric heating came into play, they became another place where heat could escape. Your email address will not be published. 97% positive Then for the upper narrow gap which was much tighter, I filled with plenty of gobbo. Use a shop vac to sweep out the fireplace and scrub down the bricks and stone with a brush. The ground floor used to be a shop with no fireplace which is why the stack starts in the bedroom on the 1st floor. Bricked up fireplace restoration complete. However, I'm also informed some lay the bricks with the frog facing upwards. We have two fireplaces downstairs with additional fireplaces in the bedrooms above. However, if you still have a chimney breast and chimney, it's advised to leave a vent. Then add a capful of plastisiser for a smooth texture. The reason for this is to prevent birds from falling down and dying. 92% positive To mix the mortar, add about 500ml of water in a wheel barrow or cement mixer. Now in the back bedroom there is a vent on the bricked up old fire on the skirting board: Upon removing this is appears they have just cut the skirting away and knocked a brick out: I presume this will be good enough? Here’s how I had to lay bricks to cover up the old fireplace hole after knocking out the chimney and chimney breast. var scpt = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; It's a horrible thought, but it happened to us when I was a kid. As in our case, it's a single bricked wall. But we all know how valuable extra storage is. 100% positive Do we need to... Roofer has removed chimney pots and said no ventilation is required if fireplace is bricked up? So I think it's important to talk about this in case it's not obvious. Would like to open these up again and not sure how to go about... We'd like to open up a bricked-up fireplace in a bedroom for decorative purposes, it's currently a bit unsightly. "https://secure" : "http://edge") + ""; However, it is recommended practice to fit a ventilator (such as an airbrick or plastic vent) in any bricked-up fireplace to keep the flue dry. Then I added 4 shovels of building sand to 1 shovel of cement. BUT there are some things you’ll need to keep in mind. To solve these issues, a ventless gas fireplace might be the solution. Above, you can see I started by adding a dash of water. Then, using a trowel, lay a bed of mortar and lay your first bricks in line with the existing ones around it. What you may have, though, is a ventilation brick. Particularly here in the UK where I believe our average kitchen sizes are smaller than the US. scpt.parentNode.insertBefore(elem, scpt); After I'd bricked up the old fireplace and shared it on my Instagram page, I had a few comments about needing a vent. We have a 1890's house and the fireplaces really make it. So I'm using the side of a club hammer to ensure I can straighten the tops. Sweep the area you want to brick lay and ensure there's no loose bricks. Fireplace options with a bricked up chimney 10 posts NinjaMutha. And ensure you clean your mixer before it sets. Update: There's no hatch in the room below or the basement. So you have a fireplace that doesn't actually work—but that doesn't mean it's totally useless. Thiss post includes affiiate links. Easier to install than vented wood or gas fireplaces and capable of warming small rooms, gas fireplaces that have no vents passing to the exterior are becoming more popular for remodeling work and even in new-construction homes. It is how a Victorian fireplace should be and will allow you to enjoy the use of open fires & wood burning stoves on those cold winter nights. Also, the chimney took up room in the kitchen, making it considerably smaller. Identifying a bricked up fireplace. 7 As you go, or towards the end, you'll need to remove the excess mortar. Painting the brick around it a soft shade of gray allowed this unique feature to pop. Sitemap We get lots of work where people just board up!! feedback. I'd then hold the brick on the floor and hammer the ends off with a hammer. They were awful 1960's and 1980's ones when we first arrived. It wasn't as time consuming as you may think. It looked a tedious task, then once the bird was freed, he flew in to my bedroom and pooed on the nets frightened. My personal opinion would be to check the chimney and make sure it as been cleaned by a chimney sweep as soot is a great collector of Moisture this is where people have damp coming through the chimney Brest yes air circulation is the main thing in keeping the chimney as the gentleman informed you air vents into chimney breasts and cowlings do there job, Kings Lynn • Member since 29 Jun 2008 • bricked up doorway in dark stairwell in building from the 1800s; Bricked up window; cracked brick wall and bricked up door; Bricked up doorway of … One of these project videos covered how I got on the roof to help remove the chimney. But as we need to lay bricks in a hole in the wall, we used a flat, straight batten. We've got a Victorian chimney breast, which has no fireplace in it and has been bricked up. Having a running bond (a usual brick laying effect), also meant keying in the bricks above. After I'd bricked up the old fireplace and shared it on my Instagram page, I had a few comments about needing a vent. Wear safety gear, such as goggles, respirator, steel toe cap boots and rubber gloves. Note, it's more accurate measuring in volumes, ie, in containers with measures. UK VAT Registered: 850 4121 63, Fireplace bricked up and chimney pots removed and sealed - 1930s house, Reopening a bricked up fireplace - installing electric stove. You can do this by leaving a small gap and fixing a vent like this. It's always hard to add towards the end for a lump free consistency. Can anyone advise? Being sure that the fireplace will vent properly is very important to the safety of the home as a whole. Don't worry that it looks messy though. Hold a lit taper in front of the opening — a flame drawn towards it indicates a clear chimney, while a still flame is a sign that the chimney is in some way obstructed. So, I'm going to share my Dad's method today. Rendered Breeze Block Patio Step DIY (Cost £60), Laying a Paved Patio Tutorial with BEFORE & AFTER, How I Made & Fitted our DIY Double Wooden Gates, How to Put Up a Curtain Pole Batten with Grab Adhesive, Tiling a Kitchen Splashback with Metro Tiles, Plastering & Skimming a Wall with Chased Cables,, Tempur Mattress Review (Honest & Unbiased), Cement mixer (or mixing bucket, or wheel barrow to mix in), Batten just a bit bigger than the hole to line up with existing bricks. Then add 4 shovel fulls of sharp sand, followed by the cement and a capful of plasticiser and mix well. feedback, The gentleman who as given is advice yes he is on the right track I believe there needs to be a vent in the chimney, which there isn't. Privacy notice })();

I'm bricking up an unused fireplace in a house about 30 years old. In other cases, the whole thing gets bricked up and plastered over, erasing all trace of it. So vent it or completely remove it. Fabulous Shiplap Mantel with White Brick. Hi HiR, I'm not an expert, so I hope some 'professionals' will advise. Make sure you add mortar in between the bricks and towards the ends. A ventless gas fireplace is one without a chimney or vent—and it's an increasingly popular option for cash-strapped homeowners, since installing a fireplace vent can cost up to $3,000. Leave to dry overnight then plaster over the bare bricks, or hire a plasterer. Yes the chimney should be vented both top and bottom even when not in use, to stop potential damp issues etc, As Ironworks pointed out So here's what we were left it before bricking it up. The reason for it all was it's not necessary. I am no expert, but: Reinstating an open fire will absolutely require that being bricked up, along with replacement of the flue lining using either traditional methods or a steel flue liner.

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