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The MORryde CRE 3000 provides over 3” of suspension travel. Designed to be used with the MORryde LRE suspension system on a tandem axle trailer. • MORryde Pinbox • MORryde LRE 4100 Suspension System • MORryde Lift Assist Steps • 6-Point Hydraulic Jacks with Auto Leveling • 17. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. Unfortunately, the IS was going to raise the overall height by a couple of inches, so I ruled that option out (my 4200 is exactly 13’6” from the factory… remeasured and verified by MORryde engineers). Everyone's vehicle goes through natural wear and tear, this shackle kit is an excellent upgrade for the suspension on your trailer. The key to how the MOR/ryde IS works is in the name – Independent Suspension. MORryde UO12-016 SRE 4000/CRE 3000 Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Shackle Kit Question ID: 2185592 Status: Open Oct 07, 2016 - … - 2 Blocks Assembly Bolted Together in … Ashkenazi diseases cancer. This kit can stand up to rough roads and large loads. The beefy rubber equalizers did a good job of civilizing the fifth-wheel’s ride quality, but our next step was to find out what the company’s ultimate upgrade, the MOR/ryde Mor/Ryde Pin Box System - Fast Shipping and Great Prices at the PPL RV Parts Superstore. We are blessed by our 2014 3850FL Big Sky (previous 2011 3750FL and 2007 3400RL) that we pull with a 2007 Chevy Silverado Classic DRW CC dually. Each wheel is not impacted by the bumps the other ones take. MOR/ryde’s RE Suspension system to the existing springs (“A Smoother Ride,” August 2010). I just had the suspension suspension rebuilt on my Reflection 337. but again maybe her has the other system. Upgrade suspension systems for trailers. We did get the Dual Pane Windows, 12 Cu Ft Refig, Convection Micro, 2 A/C Units, MorRyde Pin Box and a few more options. I understand the Morryde IS is the best and is an independent suspension system that eliminates leaf springs. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Roads up north are rough; even though paved there are frequent patches of frost heave & bypasses around areas of road repair. Replacement rubber shear spring pack for Mor/Ryde suspension. This MORryde UO12-016 Shackle Kit is an excellent upgrade for the suspension on your trailer. By the time I had 8,000 miles on the MH the Mor-Ryde suspension was replaced under warranty 4 times. Refer also to the LRE Suspension System Owner’s Manual from MORryde. - 95-2651 My 2018 GK came with 8,000 lb axles, 17.5" H-rated tires, drum brakes and a Morryde LRE 4100 suspension. I'm more confused by the RE/LRE and SRE Suspensions. See all 2 brand new listings. Upgrade the stock shackles on your RV's suspension with thicker, heavy-duty shackles for added strength. This video walks your through the steps to properly inspect and maintain your MORryde Independent Suspension System on your fifth wheel. Home; ... MORryde LRE: $205: $225: Triple Axle: MORryde LRE: $225: $365: SRE 3000, SRE 4000, and X-Factor Crossmember Pricing. The MOR/ryde RE21-004 X Factor Performance Cross Member is designed to provide added lateral support to fifth wheel and travel trailers equipped with LRE, RE And TRE Suspensions. However, the MORryde SRE 4000 simply replaces the equalizer in a leaf spring suspension system and leaves the rest of the system intact, including the leaf springs, axles and shock absorbers. I’ve pulled the same trailer with springs and then an IS. This system has failed, The rubber has disintegrated and now the wheel alignment is … Will this shackle kit work on a MorRyde LRE 4100 suspension system? We make use of our time on the farm to do a lot of the maintenance that is hard to do in a regular RV park. In 1989 I bought a new Pace Arrow 34' MH on a P30 chassis. It had Mor-Ryde rear suspension. 2019 Eagle HT 25. It is daylight and dark. Included bronze bushings and wet bolts increa MORryde Shackle Upgrade Kit for Triple Axle Trailers w/ LRE Leaf Spring Suspensions MORryde Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension MR89ZR The X Factor crossmember is the latest product in the MOR/ryde line of suspension system and aftermarket products. While Mark was doing the lubrication job on the trailer suspension, he noticed that one of the rubber springs had a bond separation. Few months later had it again replaced under warranty. Low Cost Shipment Methods Available. Installation shall be in accordance with the instructions from MORryde instructions (page 21 - 27 of this document). Mile high I am sure you are right but he used the term shear spring and thet is the term for the "IS" suspension system springs, but I have an everest that came with typical springs & axles, I had them removed and had the "IS" system installed he may have done that. That’s a big deal as to ride quality. When you need axles & suspension parts, come to Performance Trailer Braking. The shackle brackets will not elongate under repeated use. Bingo and Cathy - Our adventures begin in the hills of WV. - Low Cost Shipment Methods Available - 15-1195 It is designed to be used with the MORryde LRE suspension system on a tandem axle trailer. Communication with the manufacturer, MOR/ryde, resulted in a replacement spring being shipped to us. This LRE Heavy Duty Shackle Kit is designed to be used on any tandem axle trailer that features the MORryde LRE suspension system. (UPDATE: After talking to Morryde - for the weight of … I had intended to get the MORryde independent suspension (IS) and disc brakes. Along with a complete wet bolt upgrade with heavy duty shackles, I had the Lipert Equa-Flex removed and the SRE4000s installed with the x cross frame. the 16, 20 and 24 are the stiffness of the rubber, 24 being the stiffest) Contacting Amazon to see if I can return (or talk) to seller and swap out the 20 for a 16. I have only towed about 1000 miles, but it performed very well I thought. com has the lowest priced auto body parts in the industry including bumpers With more than 140,000 discounted auto body parts … We offer the finest in electric over hydraulic trailer brakes and related parts for your trailer! Universal Bump Stop for MORryde Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Pin Box by MORryde®. I have a 2010 31ft Montana fifth wheel RV, with the LRE mor-ryde rubber suspension. The MORryde suspension works in concert with the existing leaf spring suspension system to I install and review the Morryde Quick Connect Step. Instructions The MORryde SRE2-733X SRE 4000 Suspension System for 33" tandem axle wheelbase is a bolt-on upgrade that replaces the original stock equalizer with a rubber equalizer that gives your fifth wheel a smoother ride by providing 4 inches of suspension travel. We just returned from a trip CO to Alaska; maiden voyage for our 2018 RW 427. The MorRyde Rubber Leaf (RL) Suspension System works in concert with the existing leaf spring suspension system to provide your riders a softer, smoother, more comfortable ride. Remove the MORryde LRE 4000-20 rubber shear springs and replace them with the LRE 4000-24 rubber shear springs. either way he still need to get in touch with Morryde, their customer service is Great. Great Discount prices on other RV towing parts and jacks. Each wheel is independent of the other 3 wheels, or 5 in the case of a triple axle. The X Factor crossmember is designed to provide added lateral support to fifth wheel and travel trailer frames. (UPDATE: After talking to Morryde, the sizes are the same. Prevent wear and tear The 1/2" shackle bracket is built stronger and more durable not allowing the bracket to stretch or elongate while in use Within a couple of months I had the Mor-Ryde replaced under warranty. No toys yet, so garage had maybe 500lbs of bikes, tools, etc. Took my 4200 to MORryde this week for a little work. I have a small amout more clearance on the tires too. See details - MORryde UO12-016 Heavy-Duty 1/2 Inch Thickness Shackle Upgrade Kit Tandem Axle.

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