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[Amazon A-Dial Augsberg, B-Dial Aachen]. 1,474 Customer Reviews Seiko Men's Automatic Analogue Watch with Rubber Strap SKX007K Just starting my watch education. Bergeon 6767-F Watch Spring Bar Tool (F-tool) $25 [Amazon], which is an F-tool is for metal bracelets. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 feet and powered by the Rado caliber 557 automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve. Just not sure on automatic movements that are 40 years old. Lowest priced automatics that are still quality. Thanks for your opinion on that Steinhart homage, I hope it helps out a fellow reader, as I have not had the chance to look at that homage! See common Metal Bracelet Types below. This is one of my most visit webpage to look (re-look) for affordable watches advices. So the best value automatic WITH ETA is ? Wow you have two amazing watches already! The Invicta uses a 39mm stainless steel case and is water-resistant. Joined: Jul 23, 2007 Messages: 132 Likes Received: 0. My 2 fav watchmakers. A dial is the more historically common variant (B dial was produced in small quantities), for some the B dial is “too busy” (especially for the smaller Poljot $100-$200 Russian aviators [eBay]). After all the watch styling, branding, and market pricing research, we have concluded: Watches aren’t investments because 1) scratches cause loss of value and 2) expensive timepieces entail high maintenance costs (ie $500 for a $10K Rolex). Larger watches and lots of colorful styles, albeit non-classic. Seiko SNZH Series (Blancpain Fifty Fathoms homage): $300 with FiftyFive Fathoms dial (50 Fathoms + Seiko 5 = 55), Personal opinion: gold trim SNZ57 looks the best [eBay] (SNZH series also similar to the Breitling SuperOcean, especially if adding a numberless bezel insert). [Amazon, eBay]. I see that you like cream-colored complicated GMT watches and I definitely approve of the fantastic value that Orient prices its watches at. And cost hundreds of dollars. Zenith, the Swiss watchmaker founded in Le Locle in 1865 and now owned by LVMH, has just unveiled a new watch called the Defy Lab which is claims is the most accurate mechanical watch in the world. I agree with most of your conclusions. It’s slightly smaller than the Steinharts (40mm vs 42mm). Unsurprisingly enough, the answer is "it depends." Check out Seagull or Orient (Goldeneye) if you want a more affordable but superb quality Tourbillon! Best. Negative display is generally not recommended, looks cool but more difficult to read the time. What follows are some of the most well-known and commonly utilized automatic watch movements available today, along with a brief list of watches that use them: ETA 2824-2 Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous and well-known automatic calibers available today, the ETA 2824-2 is based upon the Eterna 1247, which was first produced in 1955. Due to its routine variation of less than 0.002 seconds per day, it remains the world’s first and only wristwatch to receive this distinction. Whats your experience with getting steinharts delivered? Which means they are versatile to work with any outfit! I own a Steinhart GMT with ceramic bezel and and a CW C60. All the features and most precise sensors (ABC, storm alarm, sunrise/sunset indicator). Victorinox ‘Alliance’ Swiss Automatic Watch, 10 Affordable Couples' Watches for Him and Her, How to Choose a Watch for Your Wrist Size. Reply. Cheers. Then again, quartz is just as reliable but automatic is still higher valued in the watch community! Where do you rate Alpina as a brand I really like and find it a fair value for the money. In 1 month only 1.5 seconds difference. This chronograph displays hundredths of a second via a central hand, and, with a frequency de 50 Hz, is ten times faster and more accurate than its illustrious predecessor. You’re welcome! I plan for these to be my dress watch (Tissot) and work/everyday wear watch (stainless bracelet), but can’t seem to find the latter in the right size. A mechanical watch needs service at the same interval. Solar $200: Seiko [SSC009 black, SSC013 white], Seiko SSC289 [Amazon rubber, eBay SS261 metal bracelet], more contemporary Citizen Nighthawk (GMT but no chrono) [Amazon], Citizen chrono $300 [BL5400-52A Silver/White, BL5403-03X Gold/Black], Quartz: Casio Edifice $60 [Amazon1, 2], Seiko SSB Series $120 [Amazon SSB073, SSB033, SSB031, SSB025], Also Invicta Speedway (many models) [Amazon All Models] ie Speedway 9211 [Amazon], Citizen AN8070-53E [eBay], Quartz 7a28 [eBay] or 7a38 [eBay] (hard to find), Alpha Daytona Paul Newman – chronograph automatic Seagull mvmt $215 [Alpha], Automatic – Absolute Best: Steinhart Ocean One Vintage Chronograph $1k [white, black], Russian Automatic Sporty Chronographs: Strela $600 or other 3133 models [eBay (best value), Julian Kampmann Poljot24 Russia] Note: 3 similar quality Strela brands: Strela, Poljot International, Sturmanskie. [Amazon, Amazon miyota, eBay], ie Divemaster 200, Octopus, Mechanical Chrono. average / median income), and disagree with them being investments, as they get scratched up and lose value as daily wears, the below is a ranking of holy grails, for those who want iconic watches and not their homages. Great site! Zenith is introducing a 1/100th of a second series-made watch: the Defy El Primero 21. I was kidding about the Titanium. Might be too high profile to fit under dress shirts. Longines VHP . Happy hunting for the perfect watch that fits your tastes . Orient: (not sapphire glass though) Orient Ray $140 [Amazon] (classic round hour markers), Orient Mako XL (aka Mako II, Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean homage, markered dial / bigger size / worse lume than Mako) $140 [Amazon, Orange bezel – classic Planet Ocean style], Orient M-Force Beast $285 [Amazon]. Like above, get only Poljot 3133 movements (3017 redesign made by MakTime, quality copy of swiss Valjoux 7734), ie Poljot Chronograph “Classic”, Note: ABC watch means Altimeter (altitude tracking), Barometer (predict rain), Compass. Rolex watch movements have been prized as being some of the most reliable, precise, and robust calibers currently existing and are a big part of why Rolex is the number one brand in luxury watches. Oris Classic Date Black Dial Automatic Watch, 7. I have an HMT Sona so I’m quite sure of that. Get all the latest must-read content direct to your inbox each week! In terms of classic mid-sized dress watches take a look at the Seiko (again ) SARB033 (black dial) or the SARB035 (cream). Codeman said: Any automatic from one of the well-known manufacturers- Rolex, … Best Watch Winder: WOLF Viceroy (2.7) Single $235 [Amazon], or Triple $750 [Amazon]. But soon, it also became the world’s first GPS Solar Watch. Vostok Amphibia (Russian divers) ~$80 [eBay, Meranom, Chistopolcity, Vostok USA], Sekonda ~$80 [eBay] (Another Russian watch but classy, only cheap if bought used), HMT (Indian classy ultra-cheap automatic) $30-$80, find them on Ebay, ie Sona, Janata (both better than Pilot). Any suggestions? Frédérique Constant Classics Index Automatic Watch, 8. For me, it is important to know that we have to … More over what I found very helpful was was the review of watch tool sets and accessories as I need to upgrade the quality of my watch tool. 10. Based on my experience, Seiko automatic watches have great accuracy, less than +/- 6 seconds per day of deviation which is higher than the +/- 10 seconds per day that I’d consider as good accuracy (for accuracy, lower value is better). Again, thank you very much. They are 38mm so should be just the right size. As for aesthetics, it has a rather luminous appearance which is desirable for divers. For best quality to value, go for automatic, don’t spend much more than $600 for an ETA Swiss or much more than $300 on a non-Swiss movement because one could get a decent-condition gold watch on eBay or a used high-end brand for $600, ie Omega (both of these options will better hold their value). For Women’s watches, please see Best Women’s Automatic Watches. SHARE . I would love to get my hands on the steinhart marine officer bronze but the duties and taxes for delivery to Canada scares me. Just wanted your opinion on a very classy dress watch. Many thanks for such a well-curated list. Reasonable Accuracy Expectations by Type of Watch: Seconds gain/loss per day: Best Accuracy: Worst: … Breitling Navitimer homages: Quartz: Seiko SNA413 [Amazon], Casio Edifice EF-527 $87 [Amazon] Automatic: Julian Kampmann Poljot24 Russia. Bergeon (Swiss repair tools) is much better than the cheaper non-branded ones, Best Value: Mannesmann M11760 $65 [Amazon]Value Substitute: GTU 20 pcs $35 [Amazon]Best Premium: Bergeon 7812 $275 (full set) [eBay], Bergeon 2819-08 $175 (just the wrench for removing casebacks) [Amazon], Bergeon 55-605 2868 Set of 5 Chrome Plated Brass Screwdrivers Watch Repair Kit (screwdrivers) $90 [Amazon], In the case that the screw-in pins on your bracelet pop out, it is good to lock them in with Loctite Purple 222 glue $9 [Amazon]. Movement #1: Zenith Defy Lab. I’m surprised you were able to find a nice Automatic for that affordable by Swisstek. Buy from a watch-maker for better quality/price and resale value. Also like the look of Sekio SKX007, great value. I’m looking at a 38-39mm white dial, automatic, not more than 10mm thick, date only dress watch. Sold out frequently, unfortunately. Also I see you have Junghans Max Bill as an ‘overpriced’ watch. #9 adimag, Oct 8, 2008. SKX007 is the newer version of the Seiko icon 6309-7040, which you can still buy used $150-$300 [eBay] (better than the 6306, can’t trust integrity of watertightness unless fully restored and pressure tested) Other substitute: $300 [Amazon SNE437P1], Seiko SRP700 Series $300-$400 ode to the older Seiko classic diver 6309-7040 model style. Cheaper than a Hamilton Khaki, Seiko SNK809K is too small 37mm (better than the miyota $200 Ticino or slightly more modern miyota Maratac $290 CountyComm or bad Parnis). These were originally Japanese Domestic Models (JDM) only but they are available on the web. Note: Take your time shopping as there are many styles and tastes change. for most budgets (i.e. However, I’d say these are an optional luxury, as the only benefit is to have multiple automatic watches but not having to worry about setting their time when you switch them up. Like the article. Because of the style’s simplicity you could go budget ie an Orient/Poljot. Thanks. Fantastic list! Though some would say the Japanese standards are stricter, but it’s definitely very hard to say that with certainty.

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