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Corey Feldman is responding to criticism that he didn’t release the names of the alleged pedophiles revealed in his documentary (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys for free. ), Feldman says he’d love to name names but points to the issue of power dynamics: Fox411: 80's star Corey Feldman sat down with Dr. Oz and revealed John Grissom, an actor with parts in two of Feldman… Feldman hit the talk show circuit 20 years ago and it was advertised that he was gonna name names, went on Oprah …..I believe…. Corey Feldman Names Third Suspect in Hollywood Pedophile Ring When asked what types of people were responsible for the incidents (producers, studio heads, etc. He promised to name names and let us know the true tea and he delivered. See what happened after he spoke to the LAPD. Attorneys demanded that he change the names, so to be able to comply, Corey Feldman modified the names to pseudonyms that rhymed with the true particular person. Corey Feldman will name one of the elite pedophiles he claims sexually abused him as a child in Hollywood and alleges “everybody on the planet” knows this person. — Corey Feldman (@Corey_Feldman) March 10, 2020 Not only is it not working, the timer keeps resetting to 30 seconds — Darling_Nikki_Jo (@Jo_BunnyXo) March 10, 2020 "After we'd been friends for several years, by the time he molested me I was 14, so it was a three year friendship. He became well known during the 1980s, with roles as a youth in films such as Gremlins (1984), The Goonies (1985), and Stand by Me (1986). While debuting his … The release of Corey Feldman’s highly anticipated new film My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys has come with some powerful allegations.As our team prepared to watch this documentary during its world premiere, we awaited the story which was to include the names of the 6 people he was going to accuse of having abused him and Corey Haim when they were boys. Corey Scott Feldman (born July 16, 1971) is an American actor, voice actor, singer, and activist. Haim and Feldman worked together on movies including The Lost Boys, License to Drive, and Dream a Little Dream Credit: Kobal Collection - Shutterstock. Yesterday, Feldman launched a campaign to raise money to expose the monsters who abused him as a child. 03/09/2020. Corey Feldman Names the Former Actor Who Allegedly Molested Him in the ’80s. Corey Feldman reveals the name of his sexual predator. Corey Feldman Reveals Names of Alleged Sexual Abusers in His New Documentary Corey Feldman has finally broken his silence. My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys is a 2020 American documentary film directed by Brian Herzlinger and produced by Corey Feldman and Arthur Jameson. The actor tells EW he's ready to expose his childhood abusers in new documentary (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys. — Corey Feldman (@Corey_Feldman) December 12, 2017 Grissom is listed as an actor on IMDb and has credits in two Feldman films, License To Drive (1988) and Dream A Little Dream (1989). Plus, what other former child stars are now coming forward with. Image: Getty. By Nicholas Hautman. news.com.au. In 2013, when Corey Feldman began speaking out about Hollywood pedophilia in his book, Coreyography, Radar Online uncovered a secret police recording from 1993 in which Feldman stated he had been molested as a child in Hollywood and even named those who did it. Immediately after he asked for money, some folks on the internet lashed out claiming that Feldman is simply trying to grab cash. ... Feldman said he wanted to name Grissom in … We talked about girls, I thought we were really good buds," he said. Corey Feldman promised to name at least one big … Hollywood’s Dirty Secret Exposed: Corey Feldman Names His Second Alleged Abuser. Feldman will identify at least one alleged child abuser in his documentary My Truth: The Rape of The Two Coreys, which will be streamed globally from March 9. Corey Feldman to reveal names of Hollywood players who allegedly molested him as a teen. The actor tells Dr Oz that he will … Alphy Hoffman grew to become Randy Kauffman. COREY Feldman will name one of the men he claims sexually abused him as a child and alleges "everybody on the planet" knows who he is. Former child star Corey Feldman has been a vocal critique of the Hollywood pedophile culture and has spoken out about his own abuse at the hands of the movie industry’s powerful elites. Feldman quickly added: "It's on the record." Tomorrow the actor will identify at … COREY Feldman will name one of the men who he claims sexually abused him as a child in a bombshell new doc. Corey Feldman did name names. Feldman had spoken about pedophiles in Hollywood earlier this week on NBC's Today with hosts Matt Lauer and Megyn Kelly, though he did not name names. Corey Feldman has named Charlie Sheen as Corey Haim's abuser in his new child abuse documentary. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Feldman also stars in the film. Corey Feldman is back with another bombshell! Corey Feldman names Hollywood paedophiles in new documentary. Actor Corey Feldman joins 'Watters' World' to discuss his new documentary 'My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys.' But his attempts at naming the names of the biggest offenders and abusers of children in Hollywood have been censored. He told the police in 1993 and they did nothing. I listened to the recording and I did not hear you name names." The film showcases allegations that Feldman and fellow actor Corey Haim were sexually abused as children by several men connected to the entertainment industry. Those who have followed Corey Feldman’s Truth Campaign for the past three years have heard him speak about the legal issues saying the names of the men he and others accused of abusing Corey Feldman and Corey … Corey Feldman says former actor Jon Grissom, who starred with him and Corey Haim in two films, sexually molested him as a child.. In the same interview, Feldman alleged that he was molested by Hoffman. 13 Feb, 2020 05:03 PM 3 minutes to read. Feldman last week launched a … and never named a name … Corey Feldman, 48, says he has hired 24-hour security ahead of the release of his new documentary in which he revealed who raped him and his late friend Corey Haim when they were child stars. Dr Oz continued: "And you named names. When Corey initially wrote Coreyography, he put the names of the alleged pedophiles within the e-book. He reveals another name in what he calls the Hollywood’s pedophile ring.

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