How to create a Bitcoin wallet and fully use cryptocurrencies

How to create a Bitcoin wallet and fully use cryptocurrencies

To work with any payment system, a network user is simply obliged to have his personal account in it. To get it in the Bitcoin system, you need to go to the official website. There you can briefly familiarize yourself with the features of using cryptocurrency, and then select the button that allows you to create a Bitcoin wallet.

The following is the completion of a short registration form, in which you will need to enter your email inbox and come up with a strong password. It is very important to set not only a strong password, which will not be so easy to crack, but also to remember it reliably, because the specificity of cryptocurrency is that losing a password will lead to a loss of funds, it will not be possible to restore it. The system will prompt you to come up with a 10-character password combination – it will take more than 1000 years to crack such protection.

The only way to access the wallet in case of loss of passwords is a special mnemonic code, which in no case can be stored on your PC. If you want to create a Bitcoin wallet for use, and not just for fun, it is better to rewrite this secret code manually or print it.

If you managed to create a Bitcoin wallet, then after saving the passphrase and mnemonic code, you will be redirected to the login page, where your username will already be indicated in the “Identifier” column – it is also advisable to save it. Already directly in the account, it is important to rewrite or copy the alphanumeric character set, which is a personal bitcoin address. You will use it for transactions.

For permanent use, you can choose the type of crypto wallet that is optimally suited to your existing device:

  • Client for PC
  • Mobile application
  • Special device
  • Web-version

No matter what type of device you choose, all of them are convenient, transparent in payments and control of funds, but the web version has weak points and there is always a risk of losing money. Nevertheless, each person selects the best option personally, since all versions are not without flaws.

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