Interesting facts about Bitcoin

Interesting facts about Bitcoin

BTC is an innovative online currency. Today it is recognized as a revolution in the world of financial transactions. Like any breakthrough phenomenon, this cryptocurrency has generated a large number of interesting facts.

  • The creator of the bitcoin is called Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows if this is a real person or a pseudonym of one person or group of people.
  • The first transaction using advanced virtual currency was completed on January 21, 2009. It was on this day that Satoshi made the first transfer in the amount of 100 bitcoins to his colleague Hal Finney.
  • The personality of the creator of BTC raises many questions and creates considerable excitement. Numerous attempts have been made to uncover this secret, but not one of them has led to positive results.
  • Bitcoin is the fastest-growing world currency in value. In just a few years, its value increased from 0 to more than two thousand dollars.
  • The first million virtual coins were created by Satoshi and most likely are still on one of his wallets. Many curious people try to find this wealth, but the creator himself does not come out of the shadows.
  • The creator of the innovation system introduced a limit on the amount of BTC that can be obtained through mining – the process of decrypting blocks. It is equal to 21 million, and today about 12 million bitcoins are produced. A specially developed receiving algorithm halves the amount of the existing currency for several years, so the process is uneven. At the same time, it was estimated that around 2140 the last virtual coin will be received.
  • Despite its popularity, this blockchain system contains only 80 thousand lines of code, while most of them are written in the C ++ programming language. In accordance with modern standards, this is a very small project. So, the Linux kernel code contains about 15 million lines of encoded information.
  • The history of the use of this online currency knows its oddities. So, James Howels, a resident of the UK, accidentally threw out the hard drive, which was the key to the account of one of the exchanges. The electronic wallet contained about 7.5 thousand bitcoins.
  • Bitcoin is the main currency for many non-governmental organizations. So the resource WikiLeaks quickly switched to donations in bitcoins after it was cut off from financial assistance under pressure from the governments of many states.
  • BTC is a controversial currency: they are trying to introduce it quickly into human life and to ban it. For the first time, an official ban on its use was established in Thailand. However, after a while, it was removed.
  • The first institution of higher education, which began to accept virtual cryptocurrency as payment for its services, is not located in the USA or even in the largest countries of Europe. This is the University of Cyprus. For the first time in Russia, BTC was accepted by the St. Petersburg Higher School of Directors and Scriptwriters.
  • The blockchain system on the basis of which this currency operates has a considerable level of confidentiality. However, if you show the key to your account, then fraudsters can immediately steal all your savings. An unpleasant surprise was waiting for the journalist Bloomberg, who accidentally showed his key to the wallet online: his money was immediately taken away. However, out of the kindness of the soul, they were nevertheless returned.
  • Despite its prevalence, only 1000 people own half of the total cryptocurrency volume.
  • In 2010, 2 pizzas were bought for 10 thousand bitcoins. They can be called “golden” with all confidence because today it is a fabulous state.
  • Today, the total volume of bitcoin transactions is about 13 billion dollars. According to this indicator, the cryptosystem is only slightly inferior to Estonian GDP.
  • Many well-known online games accept payment in bitcoin. This currency is successfully used by Counter-strike, as well as Starcraft 2, which collected its largest prize pool with BTC.
  • Bitcoin laid the foundation for the creation of many cryptocurrencies, of which there are more than 150 today. At the same time, each Internet user can create his own virtual currency today.
  • Like any innovative phenomenon, bitcoin is subject to unusual changes. So, the largest drop in the rate of this cryptocurrency was recorded in April 2013: then in one day, it depreciated by 80%.
  • However, these cryptocurrencies are actively growing in price. This is proved by a story that happened to a Norwegian guy named Christopher Koch. At the very beginning of the functioning of the system, he bought bitcoins for only $ 30. He safely forgot about his small investment, and when he remembered, he realized that he had become rich in 900 thousand evergreens.
  • Active mining of Internet coins (mining) is happening today. However, far from all the money earned is actively used in exchange trading and other operations – 64% of the currency produced is deposited in the purses of the creators, and they are in no hurry to use it.

Experts prophesy bitcoin fundamentally scrapping the entire financial system of the world. They are sure of one thing: BTC will generate a considerable amount of interesting facts.

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