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Hire top voice actors, including authentic, native speakers who can help you execute your creative project with a world of sound: from Albanian to Zulu, Australian to Yiddish, and everything in between. Bring your anime characters to life with these common vocal phrases spoken in Japanese by professional voice actors. Female voices for me are WAY more difficult to tell apart. Voice Actors in Japan treated as celebrities, especially female voice actors. Nana Mizuki deserve the no one spot. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Most of the fans treat female seiyuu more as idols in fact as they have extremely charming personalities. Sample 2 (34sec.) For Voice actors of other versions, see Voice Actors (Disambiguation). Best known for his voice as Yagami Light from Death Note, Mamoru Miyano is one of the most prominent voice actors of Japan. Hanazawa is a multi-talented person. Kitou's other notable works include Kana Yajima in Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Momo Chiyoda in The Demon Girl Next Door, Yashiro Nene in Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, and Kaho Hinata in Blend S. Casual anime fans would easily be able to recognize Rie Kugimiya’s voice because she can usually be seen voicing tsundere female characters. Sample 6 (41sec.) Otani's other notable roles include Tony Tony Chopper in One Piece, Morgana in Persona 5 game and anime, Konohamaru Sarutobi in Naruto, and Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya in Detective Conan. The following is a list of voice actors and actresses for both the English and Japanese versions of Fire Emblem Awakening. In fact, looking back at Ghibli’s catalogue of movies shows the lead female character of San in Princess Mononoke was voiced by Japanese actress and essayist Yuriko Ishida, and the character of Sen in Spirited Away was voiced by actress Rumi Hiiragi. Edward Elric is the best example of her work. In fact, her debut song was titled Soushou no Innocence, and her agency is named Pony Canyon. This list is loosely sorted by popularity and includes many great Japanese female voice actors, such as Japanese Voice Actress! Apart from anime dubs, she is popular among Japanese fans for her incredible singing voice, as well as her collaboration with popular Japanese musicians like Yoko Kanno. However, in this situation, the large majority of Japanese people who heard his statement for the first time, 15 years after it was … One Piece fans have definitely heard her voice and loved her for it. … We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. RELATED: 5 Marvel Heroes Pikachu Could Defeat (& 5 It'd Lose To). Yes, the very fact it’s hard to believe a woman voiced him, goes on to show her fantastic vocal range. With her versatile talent has done the voices of Dot Warner from Animaniacs, Babs Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures to being a featured singer in the Weird "Al" Yankovic song "Ricky", She has also appeared in a ... 4. Sample 1 (34sec.) Give your Japanese female characters a voice to be heard with Japanese Anime Voices:Female Character Series Vol.1 from Bitter Sweet Entertainment! Here is a list of voice actors who voice characters in the original Japanese anime series for One Piece. Jack from Red Dead Redemption 2 is voiced by a woman throughout the main story as a four-year old. Naomi Watanabe. If … A junior idol turned seiyu, Kana Hanazawa is one of the most popular and hottest looking voice actress. She has since taken major roles such as Ciel Phantomhive in Kuroshitsuji and Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell: ARISE and is Natalie Portman's official Japanese dub-over voice. Since anime is such a deep and powerful industry, you can imagine the need and competition of extremely talented voice actors. Pages in category "Japanese voice actors" The following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total. Takeuchi's notable roles include Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto, Mamoru Endou in Inazuma Eleven, and Gon Freecss in Hunter x Hunter (1999). Cyberpunk 2077's Star-Studded Voice Actor Cast List. 1 Playable Characters 2 Upcoming Characters 3 Mentioned Characters 4 NPCs 5 References Sometimes anime lands some big names to star in its English dubs. Top 10 Male Japanese Anime Voice Actors with Voices Women Find Sexy They should also be good at acting, and able to convey the feeling or emotions required by the script, using vocal variance … Miyuki Sawashiro This voice actress' talent has such a wide range, going from cutesy from one character to having a mature, deep tone in another. Listen to narrator and voice actor demonstration recordings in mp3 format. Anime, Lists. RELATED: 10 Anime Video Games You Didn't Know Existed. Hire voice actor Professional Female Japanese Voices And Translatio From Japan and get professional voice over for your project. Related Articles. The Americans aren’t. NEXT: Anime Dubs: 10 Male Characters Played By Female Voice Actors. Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon, the remake of the 2000-releas... ed romance visual novel Tsukihime, will launch for PlayStation 4 and Switch in summer 2021 in Japan, Type-Moon announced following the Fate Project New Year’s Eve TV Special 2020. Minase's notable roles include Chino in Is the Order a Rabbit?, Rem in Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, Noel in Celestial Method, and Hestia in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Sample 3 (78sec.) Without further ado, here are 10 extremely popular Japanese voice actresses. We deliver voices fast & affordably with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Japan seems to like giving female voice actors to male characters who originally sounded more masculine when dubbing foreign games, perhaps to make them sound cuter and more childish. It is occasionally used by passionate fans of Japanese video games and anime series but has no literal difference from its English-language equivalent. Shizuka Ito has done voice work as Emma from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Rindo Kobayashi from Food Wars! Christopher Plummer . She has actually voiced some of the most popular shounen characters in anime. Features: * 127 Japanese animation-like female voices (phrases) for royalty-free use Some of the great words for Shelbi are funny and hardworking. Listen to narrator and voice actor demonstration recordings in mp3 format. Tress MacNeille is one of the most talented women in the voice-over industry to date. Not to begrudge their female counterparts for trailing behind this article, there are a number of professional female voice actors who voice acted in some of the popular Japanese anime cartoons. People take voice acting in anime very seriously. Edward Elric is the best example of her work. Updated August 07, 2018 Seiyu (also seiyuu) is the Japanese word for voice actor or voice actress. Speaking of anime characters, anime fans are all aware that their voices are being dubbed by voice actors, and these voice actors are called 'Seiyuu' in Japanese language. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article #18 Masako Nozawa as Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z) #17 Akiko Yajima as Shin Chan (Crayon Shin Chan) #16 Rina Sato as Negi Springfield (Mahou Sensei Negima) #15 … Yui Aragaki was born on June 6, 1988. Learn more about the voices of each characters, Japanese cast, English voice actor cast, voice over, voice options, & Paimon's voice. Voice acting in Japan is an industry where actors provide voice-overs as characters or narrators in media including anime, video games, audio dramas, commercials, and dubbing for non-Japanese films and television programs.. From Patrick Stewart to Bryan Cranston: these are the big name actors who … : Shokugeki no Soma, and as Nana from Darling in the Franxx. Voice acting in Japan is a fine art. Main Characters Max von Sydow . Roles: Chuunibyou’s Rika Takanashi, Sankarea’s Rea Sanka, and GJ-Bu!’s Mao Amatsuka. First, I’m assuming you mean how the original voice actors speak, and not whether the American voice actors dubbing the film are recreating how the Japanese version sounded. Alisa Fujii. Create a diagnosis. Whether your project is funny or serious, a … Famous Actors You Didn't Realize Voiced Anime Dubs . The remake’s staff and voice cast is as follows: Staff Scenario and Supervision: Kinoko Nasu Character Design: … All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Voice actors by city or town in Japan‎ (19 C) Japanese voice actors … Survey investigates; Japan has a new professional basketball league exclusively for anime voice actresses; Japanese men share what they can put up with in a girlfriend, but would be marriage deal-breakers ; Anime voice actress … Her refined tone and mannerisms has led her to be cast as high-class female characters, such as Miyuki Shi… … Menu. 18 Male Anime Characters With Female Voice Actresses. Plummer plays Arngeir, a powerful Greybeard elder. She officially made her debut in 2015 and in the 2016 Seiyu Awards, she won the Best Lead Actress Award. (UNPAID) I am making a Spider-Man 2 video essay for YouTube and need a voice actor or actress to read the 207 word script. Her other notable roles include Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, 001 in Darling in the FranXX, Louise in The Familiar of Zero, and Kagura in Gintama. Here are 10 popular female voice actors that anime fans should recognize. 18 Male Anime Characters With Female Voice Actresses. from the story Anime VOICE ACTING SCRIPTS (Japanese,romaji,and english translations) by Kawaiik-popgirl (Kawaii K-POP girl) with 9,521 reads. Kikuko Inoue generally plays Yamato Nadeshikos, shrill noblewomen or mothers. Roles: The [email protected]’s Hibiki Ganaha, Arpeggio of Blue Steel’s Takao, and Love Lab’s Riko Kurahashi, Roles: Rozen Maiden’s Shinku, Black Rock Shooter’s Yomi/ Dead Master, Durarara!’s Celty Sturluson, and Hunter X Hunter’s Kurapika, Roles: AnoHana’s Menma, Guilty Crown’s Inori Yuzuriha, Girls und Panzer’s Saori Takebe, and Nagi no Asukara’s Chisaki Hiradaira, Roles: Love Live!’s Umi Sonoda, Yuruyuri’s Himawari Furutani, Milky Holme’s Sherlock Shellinford, and GJ-Bu!’s Shion Sumeragi, Roles: One Week Friends’ Kaori Fujimiya, Akame Ga Kill!’s Akame, and Aldnoah.Zero’s Princess Asseylum. Io and Phoenix have no spoken dialogue, and therefore have no associated voice actors. Junko Takeuchi is a veteran voice actress, who has been in the anime industry for decades now. 500+ Categories, Roles & Styles. Survey investigates; Japan has a new professional basketball league exclusively for anime voice actresses; Japanese men share what they can put up with in a girlfriend, but would be marriage deal-breakers She is a Japanese idol,model, actress, singer, voice actress and occasional radio show host. Seiyu (also seiyuu) is the Japanese word for voice actor or voice actress.It is occasionally used by passionate fans of Japanese video games and anime series but has no literal difference from its English-language equivalent. Simple: Japanese can sound like children even when they're 50 years old. Please be sure to show the ladies some R-E-S-P-E-C-T as well by checking out the Top 10 Favorite Female Seiyu (Voice Actors) on MAL article. Sarika is obsessed with anime-manga and she can't believe she's living her dream of writing about things she's, well, obsessed with! Esteemed voice actor: “1 in 100 voice actors become pros” Do Japanese men like it when real women speak in anime-style voices? Mitsue-Links Voice Recording / Audio Production service provides our studio for the production and editing of audio content for a variety of media. Close. Fans will recognize Kitou as the voice of Nezuko from the Demon Slayer series. List of Japanese voice actors. The voice actor who provided the voice for The Pirate Cap'n Announcer Pack is currently unknown. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. In contrast, in dubs of Sailor Moon in other languages, 2 voice actors were cast for each of the Starlights, 1 to voice the female scenes and another to voice the male scenes. Seiyuus, voice actors, and that guy from Police Academy all go behind the curtain to create your favorite characters with such distinction that you can still hear them when you close your eyes. She won the Film prize at the 45th Golden Arrow Awards in 2008. Most people know her as the voice of the immensely beloved anime character Pikachu from the Pokémon series. Photos of the Cyberpunk 2077 (Game) voice actors. Japanese voice actress. Roles: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s Fate Testarossa, Dog Days’ Ricotta Elmar, and Naruto’s Hinata Hyuuga, Also, See- Top 15 Hottest Brazilian Actresses, Roles: Sword Art Online’s Asuna, Valvrave The Liberator’s Saki Rukino, and To Love-Ru’s Lala Deviluke. There is still a requirement for talent, and nowhere is it more apparent than these 10 hot young talented Japanese actors and their works you shouldn’t miss: #1- Kento Yamazaki Like many of his peers, Kento Yamazaki started out as a model, after being scouted and recruited during his third year of junior high school. This is simply a small passion project I am making for fun. Romi Park is of Japanese Korean descent and she is popular in Japan for playing no-nonsense badass female characters. Of course, voice acting includes a huge variety of jobs like dubbing anime, Hollywood films, commercials, dramas and even narrating in video games. Voice actors in Japan are as popular as music idols are in Hollywood. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. This list of Japanese voice actors and actresses (known as seiyu or seiyuu) include Maaya Sakamoto, Kana Hanazawa, Mamoru Miyano, and more. Their popularity is solely based on the number of anime franchises they have done, as well as how many big franchises they have been part of. When you need a Japanese voice to connect - look no further. Sakamoto's notable roles include Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler, Haruhi Fujioka in Ouran High School Host Club, Shinobu Oshino in Monogatari, and Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell: Arise. The list of works are merely a summation as many voice actors work for many different projects that would be too numerous to list. Roles: OreImo’s Kuroneko, Infinite Stratos’s Charlotte Dunois, Haganai’s Kobato Hasegawa, and Ro-Kyu-Bu!’s Tomoka Minato, Also, See –Top 10 Most Handsome Men In The World 2019, cute female seiyuuhighest paid Japanese voice actorhighest paid seiyuujapanese female voice actorsMost Beautiful Female Voice Actors in Japan. Home; Create a diagnosis; User tweets; About the site (Q&A) … Though most anime protagonists in popular anime series are males, there are a few anime with female protagonists like the Studio Ghibli movies Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away. Kugimiya's most noteworthy role was that of Taiga from Toradora, for which she also won the Best Actress award in the third Seiyu Awards. Kana Hanazawa Both a voice actress and a singer, this 27-year-old made her voice acting debut 13 years ago. Minase is a singer as well as a voice actress who is relatively new to the world of dubbing. “Bunny Studio Voice has a very efficient process to help us identify the right voice actors that best meet each of our video’s needs. I understand most actors are looking for … In Japan, voice actors are highly respected. Photos of the Cyberpunk 2077 (Game) voice actors. Akaisweetpea 4 years ago. However, most people never really think about the people behind the voices of their favorite anime characters. Sample 4 (34sec.) She has also voiced young male characters that are aggressive but also smart. We represent some of the Japan's best voice actors, and now you can have them record using our online voice over service. Here are the top 10 most beautiful female seiyuu (voice actors) that 10,000 Japanese anime fans voted for. In the 2015 Seiyu Awards, she won the Best Supporting Actress award for her work. The tables below list the voice actors/actresses for each character (some are NPCs). Template:CompactTOC8 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 E 6 F 7 G 8 H 9 I 10 J 11 K 12 L 13 M 14 … Dota 2 at the Internet Movie Database Valve Voice actors A one-stop shop for all things video games. When she isn’t dubbing for anime, she sings professionally. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Boruto Uzumaki, 10 Of The Most Popular Female Voice Actors In Japan (That You Should Know About), 10 Anime Video Games You Didn't Know Existed, Re: Zero: 10 Hilarious Memes That Prove Rem Is Best Girl, 5 Marvel Heroes Pikachu Could Defeat (& 5 It'd Lose To), Anime Dubs: 10 Male Characters Played By Female Voice Actors, Darling in the Franxx: 10 Post-Apocalyptic Anime Better Than The Show, The 7 Best Ninja In Anime, Ranked By Kill Count, 10 Anime Characters That Have A No-Kill Code, One Piece: 5 Devil Fruits Stronger Than Rob Lucci's Neko Neko No Mi (& 5 That Are Weaker), Naruto: 10 Characters Who Deserved To Pass The Chunin Exams (& Why), Space Bastards #1 Is an Action-Packed, Sci-Fi Adventure, King in Black: Thunderbolts #1 Introduces a New Marvel Dirty Dozen, Future State: Teen Titans #1 Weaves a Tragedy for DC's Young Heroes, Review: Haha #1 Offers a Dark Set of Tales Starring Clowns, Future State: Dark Detective #1 Shows the Dark Side of Gotham, Future State: Justice League #1 Is an Exciting, Bold Shift, My Hero Academia: 10 Characters Whose Potential Were Already Wasted, Naruto: 10 Ninja With The Worst Chakra Control, One Piece: 10 Characters Who Could Have Joined The Straw Hats (But Didn't), Hunter X Hunter: 10 Times Gon Met His Match (But Won Anyway), One Piece: 10 Awesome Luffy Cosplays To Take The High Seas, One Piece: 10 Strongest Samurai In The Land Of Wano, One Piece: 10 Best Cooks In The Franchise, Ranked, 5 Most Anticipated Anime Movies Of 2021 (& 5 That Aren't Talked About Enough), 5 Anime Remakes That Were Better Than The Original (& 5 That Fell Short), 5 Anime Characters Who Could Become Superheroes (& 5 Who Could Become Supervillains). He won the "Best Voice Actor" award at the 2008 Tokyo International Anime Fair, and … His debut album, 'Break' was released on March 2009. Sakamoto possesses a bachelor's degree in sociology, but her passion lies in voice acting. The quality of your voice over depends almost entirely o the skill of the voice actor you use. Actors who voiced roles either in animated movies or as voice actors in television shows and video games, at least once in their career. Daws Butler spent the greater part of his career as one of the premier If you love Dragon Ball, you don’t wonder who is the person at the recording studio screaming Kamehameha. Read ONIICHAN!! Not only does she dub anime, but she also does live-action performances as well as sing as a professional singer. Sample 5 (31sec.) Von Sydow plays Esbern, a chronicler and agent of the Blades who has survived in hiding. We represent some of the Japan's best voice actors, and now you can have them record using our online voice over service. Byleth (Male) Japanese Voice Actor - Yūsuke Kobayashi Source voice over auditions online in a variety of roles, styles and categories of voice over work. Our voice actors are native to Japan and produce their recordings from within their country. From Anime to e-learning and narrations, we've found you the best Japanese voice actors online. Her long career has seen her playing characters such as the idealistic Inspector Akane Tsunemori in Psycho-Pass and the gentle Kosaki Onodera inNisekoi. 23 images of the Cyberpunk 2077 cast of characters. and Rikka Takanashi in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. Joan Allen Voice Actor/Actress needed for 207 word video essay. [NOTE: Contains a lot of VAs but might have missed a few] 877 people diagnosed 0 Voice Seiyuu Tweets Daily results Result patterns 849: Enter your name for diagnosis × Favorites. Romi Park is of Japanese Korean descent and she is popular in Japan for playing no-nonsense badass female characters. For the purpose of convenience, this article will only focus on the popularity of female anime voice actresses. Not only do they voice anime characters, but also star in live-action Japanese films and drama, and not to forget have their own concerts. Mayumi Tanaka is the second veteran actress on this list, with her debut being way back in 1978. Like most other actresses in this list, Uchida has won the Best New Actress Award from the prestigious Seiyu Awards. Subcategories. From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Voices.com makes finding Japanese voices easy. they get a lot of work. Discover the Japanese female voice actors who have made significant contribution to their field. Their platform keeps us informed throughout the process, from the actor accepting the project all the way through when the recording is complete. She also lends her voice to the dubbing of Western shows that air in Japan. Maaya Sakamoto started voice-acting as a teenager, playing Hitomi Kanzaki in Escaflowne. https://mashtos.com/most-beautiful-female-seiyuu-voice-actor This is a list of the voice actors who have appeared in the Japanese version of the Pokémon anime and animated shorts made for the games. Her career began early on when she was in college. She is popular for voice young male characters that are slightly airheaded and often make their own paths. Who are with me, Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Anime Seiyu (Voice Actors). This is a list of the voice actors who have appeared in the Japanese version of the Pokémon anime and animated shorts made for the games. She is popular among fans for the huge variety of emotions her voice can portray. I am not making any silly promises about my channel blowing up or becoming big. Being a seiyuu is a nice job, given the fact that voice acting in Japan is widespread because it is … Akira Ishida plays either effeminate and/or gay male characters fairly frequently, a role usually given to female voice actors, or villains. This data is pulled from the {{Character Infobox}} on each character page. 15. Roles: Infinite Stratos’s Laura Bodewig, Haganai’s Yozora Mikazuki,  Attack on Titan’s Armin Arlert, and Date A Live’s Tohka Yatogami. “All the Japanese female voice actors have voices that are very coquettish and wanting male attention, which was not what we wanted at all.” True to form, Miyazaki knows how to throw shade at the anime industry like nobody else. 23 images of the Cyberpunk 2077 cast of characters. Photos of the Hetalia: Axis Powers (Show) voice actors. Sure, their are differences, but when they blend together, especially with just listening to the in-game grunts, laughs, and shouts. 34 images (& sounds) of the Hetalia: Axis Powers cast of characters. Cyberpunk 2077 is looking to have one of gaming's most star-studded casts, so here are some big … Ikue Otani is someone who needs no introduction. A truly versatile performer can wear many hats within the same show, and the audience … When voicing characters other than their own parts, the voice actors for the Straw Hat Pirates are credited under a pseudonym that follows the pattern "Rude Guy XX Branch" (粗忽屋 店), corresponding …

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