how to feed pleco cucumber

The Tetra PRO pleco food is an algae wafer, that comes in a single package size of 5,29 ounces. This is a list of vegetables and fruit that are fine to feed plus other tips on feeding. Pleco is the common name for Catfish species in the Family Loricariidae. Accents. Heating & Lighting. Hypostomus plecostomus) ... As for the vegetables, you can feed fish with spinach, lettuce, squash, cucumbers. I do not have a pleco but I have some cory cats, kuhli loaches, that are bottom feeders. Ok so I seen on here about giving plecos cucumbers, but im not sure how it works i sliced off a piece andd put it in thier but its just floating at the top, so how is it suppose to be done? Hey guys i have a problem feeding my pleco i drop food down to the bottom while feeding my cichlids on the other side of my tank so they ... and drop it in the tank. Vegetable treats can be left in for a day or two but should be removed after that time. Zucchini, Cucumber, Broccoli, Peas, Spinach and Romaine Lettuce are just a few examples of the foods that Bristlenose Plecos love to feed on. I find frozen peas, soaked for a few minutes in hot water and then drained, skin easily (My pleco won't eat a whole pea only the squishy inside) Just hold the pea in your fingers and pop the skin off. Cucumber chunks as well as peas are good for a pleco. Probably the most important thing that you need to remember with vegetables, is that you absolutely have to clean them before feeding them to you fish. Not cooking the cucumber means that it retains more nutrition (vitamin C is damaged by heat) and stays fresher for longer in the tank :) . Always anchor any raw vegetables you feed your plecos to the floor of the tank. i have heard you could feed them sweet potato and romaine lettuce.i have a albino bushy nose pleco and he loves all types of foods.zucchini would be better to feed them than cucumber and either boil it in the microwave or stab it with a fork to get it to sink. It’s better to feed in the evening shortly before you turn off the tank lights. I mostly feed mine peeled cucumber and zuccini,lettuce and spinach.The always polish it off. Your pleco needs a good balanced diet and the best way to give them that is with a commercial pleco food unless you're an ichythyologist! When feeding your bristlenose plecos cucumbers, do you (a) leave a slice of cucumber available in the tank for the pleco to graze ad lib on, obviously replacing old ones with fresh ones daily, as you would with other grazing animals, like horses, or (b) leave a cucumber in for a day, and then once that one's out, leave the tank cucumber-less for a little while before adding a fresh cucumber? Feed reckoning on the scale of your pleco. At the weekends I feed him a slice of cucumber as well. This product is also great to support your fish’s immune system. Member. Anything I should know These fish came into the hobby as "Algae eaters", and many are still bought to keep the glass clean on the tank they live in, while other, more exotic, species are bought purely … Utensils For Feeding Pleco Cucumber? For one about 15 cms I'd use about 5 peas. I also feed him an algae wafer or a algae/veggie wafer once a day in the am. Just slice of a decent size chunk of squash or cucumber, stick a stainless steel fork in to make sure it sinks, and leave it in the tank overnight. How happy it made my Plecohim! All of the wafers were created to sink to the bottom of the tank while leaving a clear water behind them. Even if the Leopard Ploco is an omnivore, the major part of its diet must be made up of plants, and more precisely of algae. 1 cuke or zuke lasts me 3-6 months! Feed him pleco wafers, which more carnivorous fish aren't really into, or vegetables like zucchini, cucumber, sweet pepper, green beans (preferably organic, well scrubbed, and blanched for a few minutes then cooled). It contains many wafers that are perfect for feeding even larger pleco fish. Re: pleco and cucumber The problem with Cucumber is there is not much Nutrients in it as it is more Water Based get zuccini instead, I had a Plec a few years back and it loved Cucumber I only put it in as a treat maybe about 1nce per week. I did try feeding the new pleco I got lettuce and cucumber last night but it didn't touch it.I don't think it has ever seen veggies or fruit before.The original owners thought it ate fish crap! I would like to give some to my female albino bristlenose pleco (Boca). As for the live food, it can be earthworms, bloodworms, insects larvae, small crustaceans. Like so much else involving aquariums, it’s not as straight forward as it sounds, and you can’t just throw a cucumber into your aquarium and hope for the best. I washed it under warm water for ruffly 10 seconds. I feed mine one algae pellet/tablet per day. Cucumber chunks besides as peas are solid for a pleco. i hit upon frozen peas, soaked for a couple of minutes in warm water and then drained, epidermis easily (My pleco won't devour an entire pea in basic terms the squishy interior) in basic terms carry the pea on your palms and dad the exterior off. Hello! It’s important for your Pleco’s health that you replicate the natural rising and setting of the sun. Store the rest in a freezer gallon ziploc bag and thaw before serving to the tank. He’s always a hungry boy so I figured he would munch it right up but he ignored it all night and didn’t touch it. It has recently come to my attention that plecos are healthier with fresh food, so I have tried to feed mine some cucumber.

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