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Louis Theroux The City Addicted to Crystal Meth. Louis Theroux brought his 'Louis Theroux Without Limits' tour to Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre 15 January, 2020. Utilising his own home movie footage and news archives, Louis also tracks down some of his most memorable contributors. After a sell-out tour in 2016, the king of documentaries, Louis Theroux, returns to the Australian stage with a brand-new show – Louis Without Limits. Website by Daniel Brouse. However, recently Louis has decided to take a … Immersing himself in the world of assisted dying, Theroux meets four people preparing to take a lethal but legally prescribed overdose. The documentary shows a slightly different side of Joe, highlighting his role in rescuing animals, including leopards and tigers, from people who can no longer care from them. The film which takes an unconventional approach, after the Church of Scientology refused to cooperate in making the documentary. One woman, a retired doctor, has gambled away $4 million of her life savings in seven years. Your Information will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Theroux visits the paroled offenders now living on the fringes of society, where redemption seems impossible. Local documentary … In the head?”, Joe laughs and says, “Yeah… because I’m not going to get you back. Touring Australia & Auckland January 2020, Privacy policy | 47:17. He sits with a young woman while she injects heroin, putting a microscope on a nationwide epidemic that claims more lives in the United States than car accidents or gun crime. 48:52. Louis Theroux has been trawling through 25 years of documentary clips in preparation for his stage tour of Australia and New Zealand in January. In Australia, Louis Theroux has always been the beloved award-winning film and documentary maker. Please sign in to contribute to the Mamamia Community. Louis Theroux has been making BAFTA award winning films and documentaries for over twenty years. Join the fearless multi award-winning BBC filmmaker for an evening of insight and exploration as he delves into subjects from his extraordinary catalogue of work. Louis Theroux's New Documentary 'Selling Sex' Airs Tonight On BBC2 One of his most recent documentaries, The Night In Question , tackled the controversial topic of rape on college campuses in America. With Louis Theroux, Fred Phelps, Bethany Hockenbarger, Chris Jakes. Subscribe to receive by email newsletters about future BBC events and related promotions from BBC Australia and BBC Studios. I have a lot of thoughts which I’ll post in a considered form in the next day or two. The show, Louis Theroux Without Limits, will give a behind-the-scenes look at the inquisitive and curious documentaries Theroux has […] Through this approach, he has shone light on some of the world’s most intriguing beliefs, behaviours, and institutions by getting to know the people at the heart of them. Louis Theroux: Behind Bars (2008) What was going through his head when he entered the very revealing world of swingers or when he was in one of the US’s most dangerous prisons. 59 mins Available for 8 months. So explains Louis Theroux as a prelude to his latest documentary, Selling Sex (BBC Two). Celebrated journalist and filmmaker Louis Theroux has a new documentary about the notorious anti-gay religious group, the Westboro Baptist Church. Joining him will be host Julia Zemiro and special guest Megan Phelps-Roper, one his most infamous documentary subjects who featured in The Most Hated Family in America. You can watch America’s Most Dangerous Pets on Stan, which has an entire collection dedicated to Theroux’s documentaries. Watch all of your favourite DOCUMENTARY programs on ABC iview. The ostensible hook for Louis Theroux’s new documentary, Selling Sex (BBC2), is that social media has made it easier to sell sex online. Join the fearless multi award-winning BBC filmmaker for an evening of insight and exploration as he delves into subjects from his extraordinary catalogue of work. The Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, mostly made up of one family, are known for picketing the funerals of dead soldiers and broadcasting their extreme homophobia.

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