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Nina Lauffer Davila, born into Scn 1986, currently on NED, PTS/SP, Mid Solo Course, Christine Baranay (McDonald, Gualtieri, Williams) (Buddhist & Scientologist), OT VIII, Class IV auditor, SO veteran (Public Reg, Dir Reg CCLA 1972-75, 1975-79 Flag Management, D/CS6 (Commodores Staff Div 6) for Expansion under Diana Hubbard, Dir Clearing FSO 1979-80, Sharon Sigmond, Scn since 1981, Clear, HSDC, Ministers Course, KTL, LOC, M1, Pro TRs, GAT, part time Volunteer Minister after 9/11, Chris Baer, Scn since 1972 (Stevens Creek Mission), Clear, 10 years in SO at CCLA (1976-1986), OEC/FEBC, Jim Blunt, Scn scince 1972, OT III, Staff Status 1, HSDC, Full Hat Programs Admin, Programs Admin and Dianetic Auditor, friend of LRH, IAS Lifetime member, Chad Braunersrither, Scn since 1985, Salt Lake City Mission Staff, SO Member, helped renovate the Freewinds, HGB and St. Hill (call sign was Ramrod). All Rights Reserved. And how about a list of people that are cut off from their family by the 'non existant' disconnection policies. star of many Scn public films and Tech films), Peter Smith of Sydney Australia, Class V ,OT V, Scientologist 25 years, Staff 10 years, IAS lifetime member, Elena (Dubow) Ross, 10 years, CL 6, OT4, Sea Org staff, missionaire: USLO, FOLO, ASHO, AO, Kinga Falk from Germany, 15 years in Scientology, 8 years SO, Happiness Rundown, Masserini Gabriella, Joined in 1983, OT Vll, Paulo Facchinetti, OT Vll, Italian Scientology pioneer, Tiziano Marzotto, Clear, 27 years in Scientology, Giovanni  Carboni, Clear, Scientologist since 2002, Armando Comincini, Clear, Class lV, Scientologist for 20+ years, Alexis (Lex) Gaddy, staff 2.5 years, Golden Age of Tech Academy Supervisor, Paul Bourgeois, OT lll, L10, L11, Scientologist for 20+ years, Kay Proctor (Austin, TX), Scn since 1984, Public Contact Sec CC Dallas 1987 - 1991;  IAS Honor Roll; Exec Status I, Data Series, Pro Reg, currently on Solo NOTs in Indie field, Cynthia (Cindy) Pinsonnault, Scn since 1967 (mom was a Scn), Clear, former mission ED, IAS Founding Patron (Houston, Texas), Bert Schippers, Scientologist since 1986, OT IV, IAS Patron Meritorious, Double Cornerstone, Silver Humanitarian/Excalibur, Lynne Hoverson, Scientologist since 1973, OT V, IAS Patron Meritorious, Double Cornerstone, Silver Humanitarian/Excalibur, Kim Loss, Clear, Grad V/CCRD C/S, Purif C/S, KTL/LOC C/S, Glenn Ladewig (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist 15 years, Class II Auditor, IAS Patron, Amie Lee (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1997, Flag-trained HPCS, staff 7+ years, Tricia Slocum (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1992, Purif, Class I Auditor, IAS Patron, staff for 5+ years, Kris Slocum (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1992, HRD, Student Hat, IAs Patron, staff 2.5 years, Rob Judd, Scientologist since 1975, HDC, Ethics Spclst, Word Clearer, MCSC, Co-Audit Sup, Clear, OT III (FZ), (Melbourne)joh, Laura Wilson (West Texas), Class IV, FPRD Auditor, NED Course, OT VIII. Indie is an ideal of the heart. Cary, NC, is where Sarah Almblad lives today. Thanks. An automated coffee brewing and dispensing apparatus capable of selectively brewing a batch of coffee on demand and selectively dispensing coffee into containers on demand comprising a coffee brewing station ( 18 ) to brew and store the brewed coffee, a remote coffee dispensing station ( 40 ) to dispense brewed coffee received from the brewing station, a circulation … (Almblad) Flatley. The magic which I thought was just magic something un attainable have become the reality the everyday creation. I am working on writing my story and disconnection letter but not complete yet. Joined LRH. Michael Mallen, Scn since 1984, OT V, Hubbard Professional Course Supervisor, Class VIII Auditor, Sea Org 12 years, David Cooke, HSDC, OTV, active 1972-88, spectator 1960-present. since 1976, OT VIII, OEC, FEBC (West Texas), Ziba Feulner, Scientologist since 1988, (Germany), Cl V Grad, FPRD, HRD Auditor, 10 yrs staff (Dusseldorf), ITO-trained Gold Seal EstO, Sup, Word Clearer, the first Afghan New OT VIII, David Lingenfelter, Scientologist since 1977, ex-SO (Gold), Clear, NED Auditor (Texas), Mercy Lingenfelter, Scientologist since 1976, ex-SO (CMO IXU), Clear, Student Hat, Les Warren, Scn since 1973, Grad V auditor, OEC, FEBC, DSEC, New OT VII, mid the SHSBC, 14 yrs staff, Anita Warren, Scn since mid 70's, Class IV, OT III, L10, L11, L12, Purif I/C, Purif C/S, ex-staff, left Co$ due to out-tech at Flag '05 - '07, Alex Castillo, Scn since 1969, HDA, ex-SO 1972, Product 0 aboard Excalibur, Flag Management 6 years, Grade V, OEC, FEBC, DSEC, HEJSC, Missionaire school (England), Moneca Ryane (aka Marilyn Scheuer), Scn since 1971, ex-staff (Detroit), Super Literacy, OT IV, OEC, FEBC, (not declared), Komra Moriko, HRD, Boston Foundation staff 2005 - 2007, Karry Campbell, Scn since 1976, ex-staff LA Day 1985, ex-SO: OSA 1986, FSSO/Freewinds till 1994, KTL/LOC Sup, Randy Smith, Scn since 1970, OT V, Grad V C/S, SHSBC, OEC/FEBC, KTL, Pro TRs, ex-SO, 23 yrs mission/org staff (auditor and C/S), Kay Christenson, Scn since 1970, OT IV, Pro TRs, KTL/LOC, Pasadena staff 15 yrs till 1996 (Treas Sec and FBO), Caesar Alarcon, Scn since 1971, Clear, Basic course training, Benefactor of Harlem Org, Terry Brawley, Scn since 1968, Grade 0, KTL, LOC, staff Miami (5 years), Sea Org 1981-2001 (NWC Int, IMO (OSA Int), FCB, Giuseppe Cremonesi, Scientologist since 1995, Grade IV, Student Hat, Pro TRs, ex-SO (1996 - 1998), Peter Markowski (Zürich, Switzerland), Scientologist since 2009, 2 months on staff, Midge Zylker, Scientologist since 1977, Book One Auditor, Pro TRs, KTL & LOC, Clear, L 11 & L12, Ivan Garcia, left the CoS after 12 years, Grade 0, Marsiglia Omar, Scientologist since 1996, staff members of Ideal Org of Roma, Salvini Barbara, Scientologist since 1996, staff members of Ideal Org of Roma, Mariella Hosseini, Scn since 1996, Clear, KTL & LOC, PTS/SP, Pro TRs, Power FSM, top producer of OT Committee, I/C of Farsi (Persian) translation of LRH books '06-'08, delivered weekly seminars for Persian Community ('05 - '06), audited hundreds on Book One (Orange County), Gary Halonen (Canada), Scn since 1974, Clear, Senior Course Super Toronto, Mission Holder, Antonio Amodeo, Scn since 1997, Student Hat, Grade 0, Cavalier donator for Padova org (25,000 Euro), Byron Dawson, Scn since 1978, Clear, FPRD basic list, KTL/ LOC grad (KTL in LRH's handwriting), 9 years in the SO (FLB Finace Office), Terry Laster (aka Theresa Laster-Raede), Scn since early 70's, Class V auditor, mid OTV, admin, ethics and basics training. Me too on the list and Not putting my full name on the web. Found: Yvonne Almblad. since 1985, OTVI, mid SHSBC, Ethics Specialist, KTL, LOC, 3 Ls; #1 FSM Portland 1993, 94, 95 & 96; Exec Trained, Hubbard Admin Consultant, Kathryn Brady, Scn since 1979, OTIV, Ethics Specialist,  mid SHSBC, Staff PTL Org, Stevens Creek, Hollanders and Sterling Mgmt. :), Dan Doss (Austin, Texas) Scn since 1975, on staff at Austin Org from 1975-1985, Flag trained OEC grad (1979), Super Lit, OT III, L 11, Vasile Silaghi (Germany), Scn since 1991, Munich staff 2.5 years, Book One & Class IV Auditor, ARC SW completion, IAS Sponsor. Went cold turkey after doing OTIIIX (old school) during the big schism. Bonny Elliott, in Scn 32 years, 16 years SO staff, Clear, Class II auditor. Born 1926. And that is something that the world badly needs -- tests have shown the toilet water in fast food restaurants is cleaner than the ice they serve! Bill Dupree: interupted training flow. Peter Berts, Scn since 1975, New OT IV, Translations Unit staff (Pubs DK & CLO EU) 1976 - 1982 (French I/C & Translations Sec), translated thousands of pages of HCOBs, HCO PLs, LRH lectures, books (including DMSMH, FOT, SA, etc), Udo Luetgenbruch (Düsseldorf), Scn since 1988, OT 5, Class 0 Auditor, IAS Patron, Robert Pike, Clear, OT I; Sea Org staff ASHO day 1972-1975, Pierre Robillard (Montreal, Toronto), Scn since 1968, OT III, Grad IV, NED; staff 1969-1993; staff Montreal (Executive Director, OES, C/S, AG); staff Toronto (from CF clerk to A/AG — too many posts to list! Indie since 2010; Solo Auditor, OT I & continuing up the Bridge! That this life time in such a young body you have already put 25 years in the S.O. Thanks Eileen. "I choose to remain dedicated to Standard LRH Tech. Elli Fordyce here: happily addicted from 1966 to 1980, including staff at Miami Org part of 1967-8, helped with initial starting of Gladys Gorbea's mission in P.R. © Copyright 2008. View Robert Almblad's profile for company associations, background information, and partnerships. SSI - SSII - Exec SS. I noted my name on the list, somebody written it up. ...or is the Indie 500 list suddenly growing faster? put me on the list in , first joined in 1967,n.y. By useing Ron`s Tech how ones universe can be changed not just a little bit but one can have and one can attain all and beyand ones wildes imegination. German translator in Mgmt TU FLO/ILO/CLO EU. UPDATE July 2018: This list reflected the mindset of the times as of February 2010. Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by hushpuppy, Aug 6, 2011. Which is totally fine Proud to be on the list, to be known that i use the Technology with great results. Was in since 1977; when my then boyfriend, then husband, and now ex, had me join. El gusto es mio! people phone - Robert Almblad, October 28, 2011 (Mahty's blog) porn Margarete "Peggy" Wenger, Scn since 1975, Jackie Johnson, Scientologist since 1972, OTV. lies Left staff in 2008 and back on the Bridge in the Indie field. Life After Scientology #98 How Do You Become a Member of the Church of Scientology? Joined Sea Org (Celebrity Center LA); after 1 year, got sick, almost died, had an epiphany: THIS PLACE WILL KILL ME! Yvonne uses the phone numbers (847) 970-9722 (Ameritech Illinois), (847) 970-9022. Search our database of over 100 million company and executive profiles. Book 1 Auditor, Pro Tr's, KTL & LOC, Clear, L 11 & L12. Imagine on-line Scientologists just saying "NO" to all the threats: the threats of Declares, the threats of no more Bridge, the threat of lost eternity. Either way, VWD on adding your name to the list! Imagine this. South Africa. His technical alterations include the destruction of training, the re-definition of instant reads and FNs, violating the "No-Interference Zone" Policy for those on OT VII (with unnecessary sec checks every 6 months) resulting in unworkability. 4th Court, Miami, FL 33179. I am an ex OSA staff in Paris at Paris Org. Auditor (Sydney), mid OT VII, staff in Canberra & Sydney, left the CoS in January 2009 choosing to remain dedicated to standard tech and LRH, Andy Porter, Scn since 1980, OT V, NED Interned auditor, Class II, OEC, PTS SP Course, Ethics Specialist, Elementary Data Series Evaluator, KTL/LOC, Interned Course Supervisor; Fully Hatted Registrar, PES, ED, Mission Holder; 14 yrs on Staff, 12.5 in Bellevue Mission (held every post except auditor and C/S), 1.5 yrs ED Seattle Org, Pioneer of the Year 1995, Elite FSM 1995/96, Power FSM 1996/97, Elite FSM 1998/99, Power FSM 1999/2000, Top Planetary Disseminator May 9th 2000, Tom Gallagher, Scn since 1975, Clear, HQS, Student Hat, Method 1, Professional Product Debug Course, PTS/SP, Pro TRs, Exec Status 1, FSSO 1990-91, Gerlinde Mantey, Scn since 1982, Clear, Class IV Auditor, ex-staff (KTL/LOC I/C), Roger Weller, Scn since 1967, New York org, supervisor Class VIII course, OT VIII, Angela LeMay, Scn since 1988, staff Cincinnati, Clear, L11, HQS, Staff Status II, Student Hat, Pro TR's, Solo 1, Scott Gordon (Duncanville, TX), Scn since 1993; Book One auditor; Volunteer Minister; Class 0 Auditor; PTS-SP Course (3x); OEC Vol 0 (2x); Exec Status 1; 5 yrs Div6 staff; 10 yrs OSA (5-CCDallas; 5-Msn Costa Rica) fully-hatted Class V Org DSA, Gary Gammon, Class VI, New OT VII, L's, staff and field auditor, Andrew McGowan, Scn since 1989, OT I, currently on OT II, Exec Status 1, OEC Vols 0 & VII, PTS/SP, FP Full HAT, Course Sup, Pro TRs delivery, full KTL/LOC training (sup, auditor & C/S), NED Auditor, Class IV C/S, staff 13 yrs (10 yrs as Executive Director of ACT org), Max Bleiweiss, Scn since 1973, OT V, L.A. Day staff 1973-76, SO NWCI 1980-85, HKTL Pilot I/C and Supervisor, HPCSC, Crusader: Portland and Paris, Loren Spethman (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1994, staff 8 yrs (1994 to PT), Book One Auditor, HDF Dir, MCSC Pre-GAT, Flag Special Pro Course Supervisor '96, Dallas's only sup 3 yrs at 90-108 hrs/week; GAT II Trained '06-'08, Pro Sup Interned again, Sup Apprenticeship at Flag '07-'08, Student Hat (3x), Pro TRs (2x), Upper Indoc (2x), M1 Co-audit, Word Clearer Course, Flag Interned Class IV Auditor, DofT Dallas "Ideal" Org, IAS Honor Roll; happy and proud until 8 CMO, 6 MAAs, plus execs from ILO, CLO & FSO proved LRH Tech and Policy was a thing of the past in the confusion of "Ideal" Org strategy, Thomas Schäfer (Germany), Class I Auditor, Ex-Staff Frankfurt Org, Régis Martinez (France), Scn since 1991, Clear, Pro TRs, St Hat, PTS/SP course, staff status I & II, VM Course, Book One auditor, ex-staff. It's good to demonstrate that we are among Scientology's most dedicated, experienced, ethical, knowledgeable, highly trained and highly audited. Tatiana Baklanova, Class V, 1st Sea Org member in Russia, (Name removed by request), OEC/FEBC, 20 years SO, 15 years at the Int base in RTC, Henrik Salbol, Scientologist since 1972, ex-staff in DK, Free Zone since ‘04, NED auditor, OT 8, Michael A. Hobson, Scn since 1978, Sea Org 8.5 yrs, SHSBC Crs Admin & Tech Films I/C ASHO Fdn 1991-1994, publicly disconnected from the S.O. Various documents link the phone number (847) 970-9722 to different owners — Robert E Almbald, Robert E Almblad, Yvonne A Almblad, Jay M Almblad, Christina Marie Almblad. HAS course, Stu Hat, Hard TRs, PTS SP Course, Purif (2x), Staff Status 1 & 2, Exec Esto Course Grad, OEC Vol 0 & 1, W/Cer, OT IV L-11, Ex-Dn Completion, CO FCDC 72-75, 1st Flag World Tour, Div 6 Sec/PES FSO late 70s, early 80s. Indeed things need to be restored. Because the confrontation the as-is ing the Universe around me, mine and others, the so called dreams, which were way back when, the wild-est what one could imagine have become reality. Delivered over 4,000 hours of Dianetics. But since the policy was not a probatable asset, she was entitled to give that away. However, Marty's post today brought to light a good point: Momentum. Worked hard for 37 years to keep the dream together, but all the training and all my skills couldn’t put the pieces back together again, once they fell apart. Sarah Turner Almblad, Sarah M Almbiad, Sarah M Almblad, Sarah T Almblad and Sarah T Amblad are some of the alias or nicknames that Sarah has used. David Stokes (Toronto), Scn since 1973, ex-staff, HQS, Staff Status II, MCSC, HSDC, Class IV, HSSC, KTL/LOC, HESC, IAS Patron with Honors, mid New OT VII, declared Aug 2011; Teresa Greer (Ramsey), Scn since '95, staff 11 yrs, Purif, HQS, Exec Status II, Mini Hats: ED, D/ED, PRES, HES, OES & PES, PTS/SP, Claire Yurdin (Adams, Luhrs) OT IV, Class IV, HDC,  Super Literate, staff 10 years (org, mission, Delphi), Mark Whitehouse, Dianetics auditor, basic staff hat, Clear, ex-SO, Tim Daigle (Vancouver, B.C. You can add my name !!! Key executive on the Flag OT Ambassadors and Flag OT Committee for over 6 years. The Intengible, the Infinite. Contributed to Lisa McPherson's demise. Mike, Just read a recent article by David Lacroix on effective PR to deal with DM. Or anyone you know in a hospital who wants to go home without a life-threatening infection. rathbun Chris Mann, Pro TR's, Upper Indoc, Metering Course, 4 years on staff, resigned from the Church after Objectives and now Grade II (Tom Martiniano auditor). Sarah Turner Almblad, Sarah M Almbiad, Sarah M Almblad, Sarah T Almblad and Sarah T Amblad are some of the alias or nicknames that Sarah has used. Ronit Charny, Scn since 1985. I was the Snr Chaplain at Flag at that time. My case the so called case long gone so I solo, audit othere who come from different realities for help and to learn. Would like to link-up. Hi Richard, Please also send me the year you started in Scientology, your training and processing levels, the number of years on staff and any other key info. Anna Schultz, Scientologist since 1987, Clear, Penny Krieger, Clear, L11, KTL-LOC, Scientologist 40 yrs. I never joined the cult, but does that mean I can't quit it anyway? But I don't have your name. abortions Search our database of over 100 million company and executive profiles. Robert Almblad, HDC, Class II, Solo auditor, OEC 1974, one of first 15 NOTS completions at Flag in 1979, New OT V completion 2005 at Flag, worked for LRH 1972-1973 Apollo Stephen Rockford Hammond, Scientologist since 2004, HDA, HQS, PTS/SP course The ice making process of the ice making machine is turned OFF, and then ozonated water, from an ozonated water generation system, is pumped into a distribution system, within the ice making machine so that the ozonated water is sprayed onto surfaces of the ice making machine which … Please add My Husband and myself to your list. I would like to be on this list. Restored to good standing 1993, declared again sometime lately :-). Find Christi Miller's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records. It is the enemy within we should recognize and willing to declare so. (Name removed by request), Scn since 1977, OTVIII and L 11, Interned HSDC Auditor; Class 0; Senior Sec Checker and FPRD course; Flag Pro TRs course and Upper Indoc Course; Flag-only Metering; Book 1 Auditor; Data Series Evaluator Course; Esto (Establishment Officer) Full Hat; Public Exec Sec Full Hat; Marketing Hat; Action Chief Mini Hat; Full Basics Line up; PR Hat; Finance Hat; Qual Sec Mini Hat; OEC Vol 0; Hubbard Personal Ethics & Integrity Course; all Basic Books and Lectures; all Congress lectures. WOO!!WOO!! donations Looking back I know I suffered a lot of mental anguish during my short time with the church but learnt a lot. staff 7 yrs (1986-1993), Tim Swanson, Scn since 1977, 3-L's, on Solo NOTs, Ethics trained and interned, KTL/LOC, Class 0 auditor, HSSC, Exec Status 1, Data Series, Staff early 80's, trained Course Sup, Carol Christie, Scn since 1978, Interned NED Auditor, CL 6, Pro Sup and Word Clearer, ex-SO (ASHO & Flag), OT IV, left FSO in 2008 due to their gross out-tech. View Milton Gordon's profile for company associations, background information, and partnerships. Brian Cox, Scn since 1993, joined Elma FZ May 2012, Eric Alexandrou (Queensland, Australia) Scn since 1986, Melbourne staff, Objectives, basic courses, Life Time Member IAS, Mark Patterson, Scn since 1969, OT IV, Class VI, LRH Tape Archives project 1977, Purchaser HEM 1984, Cecilia (Cece) Marie Kruchko, OT IV, Treasury Secretary (Permantly Posted Status), Flag Banking Officer AOLA. "Indie 500" is genius. Elizabeth Hamre OT, Solo auditor. This is an historical event… and we are all signers to the declaration of Independence inside Marty’s internet house… it’s an amazing age where internet technology has created such rapid communication! He joined in 1972, worked for a year on staff -- with L. Ron Hubbard -- and then was a regular non-staff parishioner (a "public") until 2007. I'm Ron, from Puerto Rico. Inventor Robert Almblad is heralding in a new Ice Age. suppressive And this does affect you. I decided my hiatus is over and I'm part of the Independent realm now and must get back to auditing people! William "Bill" T. Dupree, aka "FCDC class of 74", Scn since 1973, Comm Course, Basic Study Manual, Recall Release, Freedom Release, Problems Release, Ability Release, Communications Release, Relief Release, Introspection Rundown and Drug Rundown, Life Repair and Dianetic Case Completion, HDC, Marsha Friedman, Scn since 1969, Miami org staff 1970-1974, mid New OT VII, "Patron with Honors", Peggy Mitchell, Clear, L10, L11, L12, GAT Class IV, KTL/LOC, IAS Patron, Super Power Cornerstone, ex-SO.

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