sham name meaning in arabic

Sham is a Hindu Boy name and it is an Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Its most attractive baby name & pronunciation is also simple .The meaning of Shyam is 'Dark blue, Black, A name of Lord Krishna.' Islamic Names - Seher - Beautiful sunshine of the sun and day - Find all the Muslims Islamic Names with meanings for Girls. Shams (Arabic: شمس ‎; pronounced ) is an Arabic word meaning "Sun".It may also refer to: Meaning of shyam. Islamic Names - Seher - Beautiful sunshine of the sun and day - Find all the Muslims Islamic Names with meanings for Girls ... 99 Names of Allah Prophet's Prayers Makkah TV Madina TV Learn Arabic Muslim Baby Names . Find all the relevant details about the meaning, origin, lucky number and religion is available in this page. Definition of shyam in the dictionary. Shyam is in top trending baby Boy names list. Information and translations of shyam in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Sham name meaning is strong person; lord krishna and the lucky number associated with is 5. Shamin is pronounced as (SH)ape + r(U)n + (MEAN)ing. First Name : Origin : Female Male Size : 10 12 14 16 20 24 26 30 34 36 40 44 48 52 56 60 64 68 72 76 80 84 88 92 96 100 104 108 112 116 120 Position : horizontal vertical Color : ; According to a user from Canada, the name Sham is of Arabic origin and means "Modern-day Levon area in the middle east and often used to describe the city of Damascus, Syria. Shyam Name Meaning. The full meaning is "having an extremely good scent", you can use it describe a flower or a perfume. In this context, the name is given to a girl". Arabic words for sham include زائف, زيف, صوري, مزيف, كاذب, تظاهر, قلد, الدجال, متصنع and متكلف. A user from Delaware, U.S. says the name Sham is of English origin and means "Good Father". It is a non-Quranic name since Sham doesn't come from a Quranic root. Girl Name Sham and Meaning; Tagged with: Arabic, Indian, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Hindu, Bengali, Gujarati, Sikh, French, Sanskrit, German, Punjabi Shyam in Hindi Language written like श्याम.Shyam Origin / Usage is ' Hindi Baby Names ' .This name is especially approved for 'Boys' Gender.Shyam name meaning in Hindi. Bilad al-Sham, the Caliphate province of the same region; ash-Shām, or Sham (الشام), another name for Damascus, one of the largest cities in the region What does shyam mean? Arabic use. You may also see it spelled as Shameen, Shemeen, Shameene, Shamein, Shameyne. Translation for 'sham' in the free English-Arabic dictionary and many other Arabic translations. Al-Sham, endonym of the region bordering the eastern Mediterranean Sea, usually known as the Levant or the region of Syria: Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Cyprus and the Turkish Hatay Province . User Submitted Meanings. Many people have heard of the term ISIS, which is an acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

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