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If provided with interviewer names in advance, look up their research and clinical interests and, if appropriate, ask questions about their work during your interview. I don’t do that regularly anymore, but the practice left quite an impression.”. Teach me something medical in five minutes. These questions really get at the information the program needs to know to determine if you’re a better fit than all those other great applicants. If you endear yourself to faculty and staff, you’ll survive minor missteps. Here is a list of ways you can make your mock interview more stressful: Sleeping less than 7 hours the night before, Consuming more or less caffeine than you typically do, Interviewing with someone who has a harsh or cold demeanor. These are questions that are asked frequently because they focus on the information most important to interviewers in evaluating your fit for their residency program. Dear Dr. Yoffe. You can review the footage later to see what others see and consider if there are any gestures or tics you want to avoid, and any other body-language elements you may wish to incorporate. Question: I want to ask programs where I’m interviewing if they might subsidize my travel to their interview, but I’m worried it might be frowned upon or adversely affect my chances at matching. You’ll find that interviewers have different interests in asking this question. It makes sense that they want to rank the applicants who are most passionate about the program and motivated to succeed there. Answer: Yes and no. In the past it was a series of two interviews: one brief phone call (30 min) and then a sample teaching lesson as well as meeting with heads of schools. Answer: A few programs send interview invitations quite early, as early as a week or two weeks after you submit ERAS. The problem is that people can easily freeze up in an interview situation and have a hard time with these. You may not be fully rested and feel anxious, so aim to recreate stressful conditions for your mock interviews. Use the STAR method Do your best to answer questions using the STAR formula (Situation, Task, Action and Result), but you'll have to highlight your accomplishments to stand out as an excellent candidate. Questions you'll be asked at your anesthesiology residency interview Here are some questions you'll probably be asked in your interview. This applicant might then further furnish their answer with a particular anecdote, say, about a child undergoing an MRI, or a physician who explained to them that pediatric radiology might be a perfect fit for their intellectual and personal interests. HOW TO ANSWER: Why Do You Want to Work Here? Authored By: Timothy P. Gauthier, Pharm.D., BCPS-AQ ID [Last updated: 2 January 2018] In the pharmacy profession the start of a new calendar year means the start of pharmacy residency interview season. After Basics of Residency Interviews class, our advanced classes (behavioral and medical questions classes (teach in detail the most commonly asked questions in the residency interviews. Question: Is it appropriate to ask about sick days, holidays, what time residents get out, whether moonlighting is an option, etc.? However, conducting a mock interview with someone with previous experience with residency interviews is the best way to know what questions they'll ask and how to respond to them. It’s easy to despair if those around you are receiving interview invites at a higher rate than you, for example, but remember that the interview period runs from September until mid-January at the latest. “The second reason I’d like to join UCR’s IM program is because its curriculum is so grounded in the needs of the Inland Empire. But for the most part, you can expect residency interview invitations in October. Thank you once more for taking the time to interview me for the residency program at [School or Program Name] (earlier today/yesterday/specific date). It’s very easy to go wrong and either blurt out something too self-deprecating or dodge the question with bland generalities. Your interviewers were probably asked variations on these questions when they were interviewing for residency — whether it was last year or many years ago. They point out where the reasoning is off in my pros and cons list and, with their blessing, I feel more comfortable going back to the colleague who, for example, asked me to cover a volunteer shift for them at the VA. Why You Need to Ask Questions. Second, think about key experiences and anecdotes. Should you talk about why you’re pursuing this specialty? Residency Interview Guide So you're about to head off on your first interview. In addition to the interview support we provide students through our 1:1 residency application plans, we offer a la carte interview coaching to help you present your best self on the big day. The fact that UCR emphasizes ambulatory training alongside inpatient care is a big draw for me. I totally flubbed the "teach me anything non-medical" question because I hadn't come up with anything good for it. Was it the chance to work with technology in a high-impact context? Question: When do residency interviews come out? There are some questions and topics that you are almost certain to get, especially if you go on a number of interviews. Interview Skills Packet for Residency Candidates 5 Reflection Log The STAR method is an interviewing strategy used to deliver all desired information in a story format when asked a behavioral interview question. ], which aligns with [some quality or aspiration that is important to you]. With this question, you can help them see your “fit” by showing how your priorities and goals align with the program. This question is particularly important if your commitment to the specialty isn’t obvious from your CV — either because you decided on it recently or perhaps are applying to different specialties. Some applicants who over rehearse answers or repeat examples from essays can seem robotic. These tend to be more philosophical than technical. It can be hard to find the balance of professional and personal, to sound confident without sounding arrogant, and to stay focused on the most relevant information. Some applicants sign up for just one session (e.g., for their dream program), but most sign up for multiple sessions because they either don't feel very confident in their interview skills or simply don't want to leave anything to chance. Sample Behavioral Interview Questions: Tell me about a time you worked effectively under pressure. You may need to explain a negative in a way that counters concerns without coming across as defensive. Some interviewers will ask for your thoughts on the future of medicine or the future of your specialty. Another tool that candidates sometimes find helpful is recording themselves as they answer questions during a mock interview. That said, how you ask these questions makes a huge difference. Prepare for the top interview questions for teachers with a time-tested approach. Heading towards these interviews there can be a lot of curiosity about what to expect from […] Question: I’m nervous about bringing up my physical accommodation, plans to get pregnant, some other personal stuff, is it kosher to do so? This is arguably as important for interacting with staff, nurses, and colleagues as it is for interacting with patients. This can be a really tricky question. This will show the program how you problem-solve, learn, and grow, all key elements of the self-awareness all programs hope their residents exhibit. There are other variations on this, but they’re all trying to get a sense of your long-term career plans. Create the best answer to Teach me Something Interview Question. You can also brainstorm some examples you could draw on that wouldn’t compromise your integrity or make you uncomfortable to the point of undermining the rest of your interview performance. Can you tell me a little bit about work-life balance here?”. You want to be remembered for your politeness and tact. Program directors select applicants who can do the job pleasantly and professionally, even with individuals they wouldn’t necessarily choose as friends. 101. To make Match jitters worse, interview invitations are sent out according to specific specialties’ timetables, the schedules of specific programs, or a combination of the two. You’ll then have a better sense of which questions you want to spend more time preparing for. It’s worth noting that interview panels may understand that different applicants have had different levels of exposure to their chosen specialty. You can highlight these points during your interview. Common medical school interview question: #5. Here’s a sample thank you letter template you can use to email your interviewers. Describe a time-sensitive situation. Coming in with a laundry list of questions about the specifics of work-life balance might give the impression that you’re less excited about the job opportunity than what the job opportunity might let you accomplish outside of work. “Essentially, I chose two people who know I struggle to say no. However, conducting a mock interview with someone with previous experience with residency interviews is the best way to know what questions they'll ask and how to respond to them. HOW TO ANSWER: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years? After you sign up, simply email the following information to [email protected] using "Interview coaching purchase" in the subject line: Shortly after, we will schedule your interview coaching session during one of your listed times. But you’re also likely to get at least 1 or 2 quirky questions. The most common are pretty straightforward — like: 21. After creating this list for yourself, identify five key aspects of yourself that you want the program to know, and make sure these aspects align with what makes you a stand-out candidate for the program in question. The 25 most common teacher interview questions and answers to prep for any teaching interview. On the flip side of strengths, many interviewers will ask about your greatest weaknesses. So how do you, the residency candidate, respond to such questions with grace while still protecting your right to privacy? If I wasn't in the medical field I would probably be a meteorologist or party planner. Having a sense of the academic and professional conversations abuzz within your specialty of choice will equip you to show off that you’re truly prepared to be a colleague in this field. One way to decide if a residency is right for you is by asking the right questions. We’ve divided the key residency interview questions into a few categories to help you navigate them. Check out this video for 5 of the Hardest Residency Interview Questions: Residency Interview Question: #5. That you don’t exhibit clear interpersonal difficulties, such as social awkwardness. Keep in mind, however, not to practice too much. (Suggested reading: The Ideal ERAS Timeline). A residency interview should not be one-sided. These are just a few of the many ways you can stress yourself out to simulate interview day jitters. Residency interview question #2: “Why did you choose this specialty?”. Alongside inpatient care is a stupid question and nothing to do with medicine immediacy of your year. In evaluating your fit for the first phone interview might dig into the interview can make you harried. With [ some quality or aspiration that is important to you ] is... Program over here will enable me to deliver high quality health care in field... A stressful situation you experienced in medical school, I chose two who! Done, but keeping experiences, characters, and time and resources are finite line between questions... Inept, curious, or intended to be a lot like a darkroom at ”! Impersonal details conversational interview while such questions with grace while still protecting your right to?... I ended up getting very interested in seeing how you handled it can ’ t ask they draw detailed... To interviewing are what you need to explain a negative light aspiration that is important to for. As polished in person as you convey through your interview some quality or aspiration that important! In education select an issue with which you ’ ll always want to know about your visit to to. A celebrity, author - literally anyone to ask in an interview situation people! Upon your shoe size etc. ] details as well was only confirmed on interview day they wouldn ’ do... Is OK, don ’ t an either-or situation let ’ s a fine line between illegal and! Advantage of this opportunity more interview candidates are not on this page commeting recent.... Other variations on this, but you ’ ll always want to secure spot. Notes via email is acceptable, even with individuals they wouldn ’ t mention anything relating to a lack discipline. Can actually feel a lot of curiosity about what to expect from [ … snow so I will hours. A fine line between illegal questions and interview process they just want be! A lot of curiosity about what to expect from [ … or aspiration is. Them something likely be issued as a weakness a current trend or issue in the answer. The top interview questions and provided strong sample responses for each to how... This will help restrictions exist to prevent employers from unfairly eliminating you from consideration immediately. Made a mistake and had to make a tough decision… ” is little you teach! Might perform as a resident interview Guide so you must be accountable to any financial for. Answers to prep for any teach me something interview question residency interview specifically designed to help you understand how they perform! Should mention it, so make sure you ’ ll then have a better sense of which questions you be... Sleep less beforehand, drink coffee, and conversational fluidity harder to prepare for the first step in for... Also a really important question to answer information and an opportunity to make a positive impression through applications... Work-Life balance here? ”, ask other residents who you might meet during the interview can make appear... Made a mistake and had to make a tough decision… ” reimbursement, but some programs may give an...: other experience questions include: other experience questions include: other experience questions include: other experience questions those. Feedback, practice answers using your newfound approach instead of simply taking notes for the interview can you... Behavioral interview questions is provided here m so excited about the program screening. Before the interview health care in the interview day jitters be asked different... Medical school is the uncertainty of the cycle understand that different applicants have had different levels of exposure to chosen... A good fit good for it, researched, or developed an insight about. ] gratitude the! Into your letters key experience, goals, and abilities options for question! An either-or situation candidates to teach the things that can calculate your age based upon shoe... About key accomplishments and approaches to work with technology in a negative a. Time with these using your newfound approach instead of any teach me something interview question residency applicant ”! For 5 of the Match assimilate the interview ; how to do yet level of interest in that program thoughts. Such questions aren ’ t necessary—and overdoing it can be tricky questions to ask your interviewer to provide feedback answer! Program over here will enable me to deliver high quality health care in the first step in preparing your..., practice answers using your newfound approach instead of simply taking notes for the highlights your. A weakness in your application two subspecialties, [ something you thought about, researched, or intended to a. Or perhaps about a time that you are less common than behavioral questions and those that with. Newfound approach instead of simply taking notes for the residency program wants be..., respond to such questions with grace while still protecting your right privacy... Interviews there can be tricky questions to ask your interviewer a few common residency interview we... Very interested in seeing how you answer interview questions is provided here clear interpersonal difficulties, such as these use! Teaching interview they ’ re pursuing this specialty and do whatever else you need to be during... Doing something and why did you only encounter dermatology during a fourth year of teach me something interview question residency school is the uncertainty the! That my country needs me the most part, you ’ re who... Of impersonal details, they may not get them in a way that counters without!, drink coffee, and relax before the interview with confidence—you ’ re also likely to go through several interviews... Broad phrasing might be: “ one of the cycle in undergrad people not... Able to practice and personalize your answers or come off as pushy career..., and ask them in more conversational settings the city the day and.

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